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Should I Upgrade My Kitchen Cupboard Handles

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

The kitchen is one of the most friendly areas in the home, or office.

The kitchen is one of the most used, most social, and important rooms in the house. With your family consistently in and out of the kitchen, the area can quickly look tired and run-down.

If you're planning to stay in your home for quite a while, or sell immediately or in the short term, a modern kitchen renovation is an investment in the future. But can be expensive.

Change of Hardware and a Lick of Paint

A change of hardware and a lick of paint can instantly update your kitchen and get you well on your way to achieving the look you want. A DIY activity for when you can not go out. The good thing is if you do it yourself you can do it at your pace.

Handles and Knobs

Handles and knobs come in a variety of textures including ceramic, plastic, steel, copper, wood, and many many more. There are many cabinet handles and knobs to see. Visit our cabinet handles pages here

Lighting Changes

Even a simple changing of your light fixtures or window dressings can instantly update your kitchen look and feel. Some soft down lights over the dinning room table, spot lights over the cooking and prep area, and dimmer lights in between areas can add atmosphere for any occasions.

Even the oldest and dullest kitchen cupboards can be improved with a fresh coat of paint. Make sure you put an old sheet down to cover areas that you do not want painted! Tape around areas that have edges, using proper paper style masking tape.

Remove Cabinet Doors

Removing some cabinet doors can also make your kitchen appear bigger by opening up the shelves to multi-tasking as a combo display and storage area for your pretty (or manly) or colorful crockery (beer glasses).

An Island Location

You could add an island or even a ceiling rack to hang up pots and pans, even coffee mugs. The change can add more storage space, provide better cooking or eating arrangements, and give the kitchen a whole new feel and look.

Window Fixtures

Change the appearance of windows with roman blinds or sleek roller blinds for a modern look. Even new curtains with pattern or picture will provide a new fresh feel appeal.

Spend the money

Or you could just spend the money and go a total refit. It will be an expensive exercise but you can leave it to the professionals. They will remove the old, replace with new, and all you need do is chose the design.

Whatever your choice, the kitchen should look and feel the way you want it to be. After all, that is where the family meet, eat, and share together under the same roof.

We can offer a range of cabinet handles from various suppliers. Both modern and traditional to suit your interior design.

What you need to do

What better way to remodel your kitchen than by undertaking your own interior design.

If you are replacing old cabinet handles you will need to tell us the centers (from screw hole to screw hole) for handles. Better still if you can bring in one to show. We will do our best to find the matching centers or as close as possible.

Sometimes new handles will not match old centers and a little filling will need to be done. This is an easy process now as many putty fillers come in color. A visit to a good hardware store that supplies timber craft supplies will have what you need. Or you can contact a cabinet maker who can point you in the right direction. Ultimately you can re-paint the cupboard or draw face. You can also cover with vinyl or wall paper to add a unique and special finish. Better still you can make your own template design and color in.

I did see one family design where the children got involved and each painted a cupboard door themselves. Brave and also very imaginative, and the kids had great fun doing it. Spray with a varnish or clear coat to protect the finish for several years to come.

Cabinet knobs are usually one screw so all you need to do is chose a cabinet knob to suit the new kitchen style you have designed.

Visit our web page or come into our showroom to see our displays of cabinet handles. We can not show all but we can provide you access to suppliers catalog via our web page here

If you need assistance we are here to guide you through the decision process.

Read our post on Why Clean Your Door Handles which in turn will prolong the life of your door handles and cabinet handles.

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