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Country Style Living Room

Our selection of fine quality cabinet handles from modern to classic and beyond.

White Bathroom


Architectural Design Hardware offers a huge range of cabinet handles including designer cupboard handles, kitchen door handles, and all forms of custom cabinet knobs, cabinet handles, cabinet pulls, cabinet hardware.

For traditional style or classical kitchen or bathroom cabinet handles with cupboards and drawers with carved facades, have a look at Bouvet, Pittella or Tradco's range for classical looking cupboard handles. For contemporary or modern kitchens with sleek cupboards and fixtures, have a look at Castella,  Nidus and Zanda for contemporary cabinet hardware.

Whether you're a cabinet maker looking to create something unique and stylish or you're building a new home or perhaps looking to renovate your existing fittings by changing the cupboard handles, then Architectural Design Hardware has a cabinet handles style for you. We also offer a design consultancy service which can help you to decide on the perfect cabinet hardware that will harmonise with the existing cabinetry.

Visit our Cabinet Handle Collection posts here

If you have any inquiries or would like some help in deciding on the most appealing cabinet handles & cupboard handles for your home then why not contact us today.

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