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Armac Martin founded in 1929. Operating out of their Dollman Street Birmingham site, Armac Martin have an in-house design team that are committed to creating beautiful, luxury cabinet hardware collections.


Barben supply a modern range of cabinet handles.


Bellevue offers a unique range of cabinet handles. 


Buster and Punch offer a unique style of cabinet handles to set you apart from the rest.


Colombo Design Cabinet Handles from Italy, unique, architectural, design.


Delf offer cabinet handles for restoration and contemporary homes.


Not stopping at door handles, the Designer Doorware range of cabinet door hardware is designed to provide a final complement to any interior design theme. Whether sleek, minimalist blades or timeless, modern door knobs, Designer Doorware's cabinet door handles offer the perfect finish to unify your design.

Handle House has a distinctive range of cabinet handles to suit your internal and external doors. We invite you to view their brochure for inspiration and design.

Hepburn Hardware is an Australian supplier of decorative home accessories designed to reflect your personal style. Responding to a lack of any distinctive products in this space, Hepburn Hardware offers an array of stylish yet eclectic accessories that will individualise your home. Made with organic and handmade materials such as ceramic, bone and resin, our goal is to provide high quality craftsmanship and eye catching design.


JNF provide a unique range of cabinet handles to suit most scenarios. From modern to classic cabinet handles. An interesting range.

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Kethy was born in 1990 when the Swedish company Kethy Produkter appointed Greg Steele as the Australian distributor for their products. Today, Kethy Australia has built on the design philosophy where we design, build and select products that satisfy our goal to provide “Designs That Enhance” - We believe that our products should enhance the look and function of the furniture to which they are attached, be it in your Kitchen, Bathroom, lounge or bedroom as well as your caravan/mobile home and boat.

Inspired by design, innovation and functionality, we are pleased to present our Stainless Steel Cabinet and D-Pull Handles catalogue.


Mandelli are Italian deisgners and manufacturers of quality door hardware. Both door handles and cabinet handles are shown in the catalog here


We are a retail supplier of a significant number of products from wholesale-only companies who don't sell to retail customers.

Momo Handles is of humble origin. Launched in 2008 with the vision to create a simple range of popular handles to supply Australia's kitchen and cabinet makers. Momo handles proved to be reliable, well designed and unpretentious. Inturn Momo’s popularity grew and it became clear designers and cabinet makers were craving a fresh approach that better balanced style and quality with affordability.


Castella is the home of distinguished architectural hardware. We supply beautiful handles and knobs to a wide network of manufacturers, distributors, designers and architects across Australia.

Southern Design Group (Tradco and Bankston) is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of architectural hardware products. We have built a unique portfolio of architectural product brands, which continue to grow across Australasia.

Superior Brass offers a large unique range of cabinet handles for modern and architectural designed cabinet needs. We invite you to view their catalogue for inspiration and designs.

The cabinet door handle range includes a mix of finishes and sizes; to ensure they can be used on all styles of interiors. From kitchen cabinet knobs to cupboard door handles, the Zanda kitchen cabinet hardware range comprises over 50 different stocked styles. Order your kitchen cabinet handles online now in just a few clicks.


Architectural Design Hardware offers a huge range of cabinetware including designer cupboard handles, kitchen door handles, and all forms of custom cabinet knobs, cabinet handles, cabinet pulls, cabinet hardware.

For traditional style or classical kitchen or bathroom cabinetware with cupboards and drawers with carved facades, have a look at Bouvet, Pittella or Tradco's range for classical looking cupboard handles. For contemporary or modern kitchens with sleek cupboards and fixtures, have a look at Castella,  Nidus and Zanda for contemporary cabinet hardware.

Whether you're a cabinet maker looking to create something unique and stylish or you're building a new home or perhaps looking to renovate your existing fittings by changing the cupboard handles, then Architectural Design Hardware has a cabinetware style for you. We also offer a design consultancy service which can help you to decide on the perfect cabinet hardware that will harmonise with the existing cabinetry.

If you have any inquiries or would like some help in deciding on the most appealing cabinetware cupboard handles for your home then please contact us today.


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