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Italian Door Handles

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Architectural Design Hardware has been in operation for over 40 years. Bruno Di Paolo the owner, is a connoisseur of door handles. From the beginning Italian Door Handles have provided the main attraction to our showroom in Osborne Park.

On average Italian Made door hardware is sought after by small home owners through to large corporations. The Italian quality by skilled craftsman is respected World wide. You will find Italian Door Hardware on many prestigious buildings and homes. And, in our showroom.

Of course at Architectural Design Hardware we proudly supply door handles made in Australia, New Zealand and those imported from other countries through our showroom at Architectural Design Hardware.

Changes in Door Hardware

Over the years there have been many changes in the door hardware industry. We have kept up to date with most of them. Our range of Italian Door Handles will impress those seeking quality and style to match their home or office.

Misconception vs Expenditure

Some may have the misconception that Italian door handles can be in the price range of Ferrari, Lamborghini, or Maserati. In reality you would be closer in thinking in the range of the Alpha Romeo, Fiat, Lambretta and Vespa as a guide. Respectfully, reasonably priced :)

Quality Over Quantity

At Architectural Design Hardware, we are more interested in quality. Italian door handles are generations of creativity, quality and craftmanship. Today the Italian door handles live in some of the most prestigious buildings around the world. They adorn homes, offices, hotels and government buildings. Italian door handles are renowned for style, and finishes. An Italian door handle will last a life time.

We at Architectural Design Hardware are proud to be able to offer you these quality designed door handles. Visit our showroom for more.

You can view our door handle post collection on our website here

The Italian Brands you will find @ ADH

The links will take you to our door handles collections

Valli & Valli is an established Italian designer creator of door handle manufacturer dating back to 1930s. (In 1934 Mr. Pasquale founded Valli&Colombo (VCR) together with his brother-in-law Palmiro.) From chic minimalist to decorative and traditional, each piece of the Valli&Valli collections meets the high quality interior specifications which are a benchmark for architects, producing handles that are as creative as they are versatile. You can view our Valli&Valli posts here

The new Colombo, Colombo Design is a fresh, design-oriented, family company established in 1990 in Terno d’Isola, in Northern Italy. A worldwide point of reference for the true Made in Italy within the door handles, the bathroom accessories and the shower enclosures field. Colombo Design produce “Green made” articles of high standard design for the modern habitat, articles that are easily adaptable and that are accessible to who is looking for functionality and durability. You can view our Colombo posts here

What is the value of VCR (Valli&Colombo) door handles? Read our post here

Fusital is a by product of Valli. Fusital door handles are a culture of design, author signature, and it is entirely drafted, and created by a world famous designer or by a rising star architect on the way to become archistars. Fusital became sinonymous with elegance. Dedicated research applied to design, and each single Fusital piece has achieved a high value due to its uniqueness. Fusital handles are made in Italy and dedicated to the most demanding and sophisticated clients. You can view our Fusital posts here

Established in 1953, Mandelli1953 has a passion for beauty and ingenuity generating innovation. Exporting door handles to foreign countries is not only a recognition of excellence, but an entire culture of the artfully crafted object. Derived from Italian know-how and from ancient traditions of high craftsmanship that over the years Mandelli1953 has developed into using the best technologies. You can view our Mandelli posts here

Manital was founded in 1990 as an Italian manufacturers of door handles company.

By investing in design and innovation, Manital, in almost 30 years of production, has succeeded in redefining the quality and stylistic standards in the production of door and window handles. A fundamental element for the international affirmation of this “Made in Italy” is the close collaboration established by the company with some of the best Italian and international designers. Quality and style therefore continually combine with the desire to experiment and innovate, allowing Manital to always be at the forefront, aiming for excellence and differentiation, thus allowing the production of prestigious Italian handles. You can view our Manital posts here

Battista Olivari founded the Olivari company in 1911 in Borgomanero, in the province of Novara. Olivari proceeded to follow its vocation for dialogue with the world of design and architecture forging ahead with design-related and technological evolution. Exchange with the most famous designers on the Milan scene was flanked by collaboration with the great maestri of contemporary architecture. Olivari is one of the few companies that has designs by Ferdinand A. Porsche. On the cultural and historical side, there is the collection Guilloché, featuring special surface decorations that embellish the handles. On the technological side, there is the series of new Super finishes, which offers designers and discerning customers ulterior expressive possibilities. You can view our Olivari posts here

Since the mid 90’s, Parisi is a major supplier of furniture, bathware and doorware objects in Australia. PARISI also selects iconic pieces from their Italian partner brands to showcase design inspiration for their customers. Working closely with their partners such as Art Ceram, Flaminia, Fondovalle, Hidra, Newform, Simas, Stocco, Tecla amongst other global brands, enables PARISI to remain at the forefront of global design trends. Manufactured to the highest of standards, PARISI provides superbly designed bathroom sanitaryware and bathroom furniture for domestic and commercial properties. You can view our Parisi posts here

It was in 1951 in the hardware shop created by Ottavia Pittella’s late Father Adelio Fedeli that he sold the door hardware renowned for its quality. Sourced from the brass foundries in the north of Italy in the Brianza and Como region, the foundries have been considered the cornerstone of brass and steelworks in Italy throughout the centuries. Pittella produces luxury Italian designed and manufactured architectural door and bathroom fittings. Beautiful, disciplined design and an inherent Italian style that is manifested in every product are the hallmarks of the Pittella brand. Pittella products are grouped in three categories: Classical, Post-Modern and Contemporary and are available in distinct, variable finishes. You can view our Pittella posts here

The story of Dnd begins more than fifty years ago, in 1968, arising from the ancient and strong craft and industrial dedication which has its strong roots in Val Sabbia, in the province of Brescia. This is an area with centuries of material knowledge, especially in the steel industry – one of Europe’s major hubs of this industry. Over time, the company evolved and focused on developing and increasing production, by renewing its production processes and specialising in the process and finish of new and different metals for handle production, such as zamak and aluminium, in addition, of course, to brass. You can view our Dnd posts here

Italian Made is not everything!

Designer Doorware is a privately owned Australian company. The owner Joseph Di Benedetto is of Italian blood. Designer Doorware is a Melbourne-based business, that began in 1996 with a simple vision to redefine contemporary, high quality doorware in Australia. They started by introducing European lever designs and mortice locks and adapting them to meet stringent Australian building and safety standards. Since then, they have grown into a leading, international manufacturer and services provider for architectural hardware. Designer Doorware specialise in custom design and special finishes that enable their clients to uniquely articulate their architectural or interior design vision with perfection, and offer invaluable design advice. You can view more Designer Doorware posts here

We would not be complete without lock security. CISA Italian locks since 1926.


CISA, now an Allegion Company is the leading brand in Europe and South Africa in the Lock Security and Access Control System sectors.

With six manufacturing plants, and a worldwide distribution network in over 70 countries, CISA has a pre-eminent role in the international market.

CISA has been another word for security since 1926, offering the most advanced industry solutions in the form of mechanical and electronic locks, panic exit devices, door closers, padlocks, safes, keys and cylinders. You can view our CISA posts here

View more of our door handle collection on our website here


Architectural Design Hardware is Australia's best supplier and retailer of quality door hardware. Products like door handles, door locks, entrance sets, key security products and more.

We ship our products International and Australia wide. We offer Italian, European, Australian and many known brands. Including Lockwood, Gainsborough, Austyle, Tradco, and so much more!

We offer Italian door handles (Valli&Valli, Mandelli, Manital, Olivari, Colombo and more). Also many European (dnd Martineli, Bellevue, Formani and more) door handles. Including Turnstyle, Zodiac, Designer Doorware, Bouvet, and Chant door handles.

Check out our collections today. There are many many door handles for you to chose from. Door handles should never be a last minute decision. That is why we offer our showroom for consultation and scheduling.

Door handles are an influential aspect of the home. At Architectural Design Hardware we offer you something outstanding. Very functional, and individual for your desires and décor.

We offer all styles, from modern to the more traditional, classical look. Door handles have a huge impact on the character of your home, and will have a lasting effect.

Choose the perfect door handles for your home. Our experienced consultants can offer advice. You decide on the most appropriate choices and finishes.

If you have any questions please contact us today at Architectural Design Hardware.

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