• The four familiar words physicians always dread come when the office visit is ending
    Category : Door Hardware
    Date : 11/12/2016

    The four familiar words physicians always dread come when the office visit is ending, doctor's pen clipped back onto the white coat pocket and hand reaching for the door.

    "Oh, by the way," the patient says.

    What comes next could be as innocuous as a harmless freckle - or a bombshell.

    "You're walking out the door and they say 'Oh, I've got this chest pain I meant to tell you about,' so you have to go back into the room and start over again," said Dr. John Bonavia, a family doctor at Columbia St. Mary's-River Glen clinic in Milwaukee.

    Doctors call it "the doorknob phenomenon."

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  • From New Zealand we bring you CHANT
    Category : Door Hardware
    Date : 08/12/2016

    From New Zealand we bring you CHANT

    Chant is a New Zealand company that manufactures hardware for residential, commercial, and marine projects.

    Where standard products do not fit requirements, Chant will custom design, with special finishes, providing solutions for architects and developers.


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  • Guilloche by Olivari
    Category : Door Hardware
    Date : 06/12/2016

    Guilloche is a decorative engraving technique performed with special machines that are guided manually; generating a precise, intricate and repetitive pattern on the base material.

    Unlike simple engraving, done by hand, enabling free and more naturalistic motifs,; ones made with guillocher machines are typically mechanical and repetitive.

    This allows for an infinite number of different patterns; by varying the processing parameters, which work in concert with the operator’s technical, but also aesthetic, sensitivities.

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  • Here’s what’s in store for you in 2017 from Designer Doorware
    Category : Door Hardware
    Date : 04/12/2016

    (Part 2) The trends of today in the realm of door hardware are about to change and we will say goodbye to black, and embrace Gunmetal finishes; Satin Brass is the New choice for health and warmth; and timber encased door handles are going to make an appearance in your home.

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  • Designer Doorware's Marissa and Joseph presented their new creations and finishes for the first time on Thursday at Architectural Design Hardware
    Category : Door Hardware
    Date : 04/12/2016

    (Part 1) Designer Doorware's Marisa and Joseph presented their new creations and finishes for the first time on Thursday at Architectural Design Hardware to a representation of Architects, bringing a preview of what's in store for the 2017 home.

    This was a wonderful opportunity to meet with Marissa and Joseph as they are set to return to the USA shortly to present these new creations and finishes to American Architects and Interior Designers. And we at Architectural Design Hardware are privileged, having a long standing relationship with Designer Doorware, to share their creations with you in our showroom.

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  • PBU Polish Brass Unlacqured Satin Finish
    Category : Door Hardware
    Date : 29/11/2016

    Un-Lacquered Brass is becoming a new trend again, although in preferred satin finish. In days gone by, brassware was never lacquered. It was always kept, usually highly polished, looking like gold with glistening door knobs and refinery throughout.

    Churches of old would keep their brassware as shining as possible to give the appearance of brilliant dazzling gold glittering from the light of the glass stained windows. Very draw dropping impressive if you walked in on a bright sunny day - almost heavenly.

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  • Category : Door Hardware
    Date : 27/11/2016

    From New Zealand we introduce ZEBRATTI a unique, simplistic, and innovative designs for sliding cavity and bi-fold door pulls.

    ZEBRATTI has over 25 years of designing and manufacturing architectural hardware within New Zealand and now at Architectural Design Hardware we are able to show you the results.

    Specialist in bi-fold and sliding door hardware, Zebratti designs high end quality products to move your doors and windows.

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  • STEALTH Elctronic Door Lock
    Category : Door Hardware
    Date : 24/11/2016

    Appropriately named STEALTH, this attractively designed compact electronic deadbolt offers a great new alternative to entry door access.

    Once the domain of the wealthy for entry to their multimillion dollar estates, an electronic door lock can now grace the front door of your home, office, or man cave!

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  • Turnstyle
    Category : Door Hardware
    Date : 20/11/2016

    Turnstyle Designs was established in 1992 and is now one of the world's foremost producers of design led architectural hardware.

    Using classic materials to create contemporary designs, Turnstyle handles can be found on some of the world’s most prestigious projects including private homes, yachts, hotels and restaurants.

    The core values of Turnstyle are to provide excellent design, quality and service in equal parts.

    Turnstyle is a family business and manufactured in the UK. As a design led company they are constantly experimenting with new ideas, designs and material. The UK has a wealth of skill and craftsmanship Turnstyle can rely on to provide such outstanding products.

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  • Salt Handles by Olson
    Category : Door Hardware
    Date : 14/11/2016

    Doug Olson isn’t a scientist but he invented something in his garage that has the potential to save lives from superbugs.

    And it has just one ingredient: salt.

    The Edmonton man spent years working in the meat industry, where salt is used to inhibit or prevent growth of pathogens like Salmonella.

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