• Home Security Keying Options
    Category : Door Hardware
    Date : 11/09/2018

    Home Security and Keying Options are an important part of your home safety.

    Security hardware can include doors, locks, alarm systems, lighting, motion detectors, security camera systems, etc. that are installed on a property; personal security involves practices such as ensuring doors are locked, alarms activated, windows closed, extra keys not hidden outside, etc.

    Architectural Design Hardware in association with Action Lock Service provide high quality keying solutions for your home or office complex.

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  • Style and Design
    Category : Door Hardware
    Date : 03/09/2018

    Style and Design

    Designer Doorware G4287

    Beautiful, modest and natural in style, the Neo timber blade pull features timber with a stainless steel backing for added strength and structure. Ideal for standard and highly used doors in the commercial or residential applications. Optimally designed to be used for pivot, hinged and sliding doors and can be supplied in a single or back to back fixing. Available in raw or a choice of 5 selected interior/exterior stains that will best suit your space.

    Glass door with G4287 Pull Handle proudly mounted by Broadway Homes

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  • Metal Style Bouvet
    Category : Door Hardware
    Date : 16/08/2018

    The company Bouvet was founded in France by Mr. Gustave Bouvet in 1884. He established a long tradition of hand-made ornamental hardware for furniture, doors and windows, and as of today, most of the original models still exist.

    In 1978, Metal Style Bouvet was created in Canada to spread out that kind of ironwork French style product, while adapting it to North American standards.

    Even now, most of these ironwork products are forged or cut to preserve that French traditional design.

    In 2019 Architectural Design Hardware became the Australian supplier of Bouvet. 

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  • Toilet Door Hinge Requirement
    Category : Door Hardware
    Date : 02/08/2018

    Toilet Door Australian building law requires that in an emergency, the toilet door can be removed by someone on the outside.

    For example, in most cases, toilet doors must open outwards, slide, or be readily removable from the outside of the compartment. This requirement only applies if the space between the toilet pan and the door is less than 1200mm.

    An inward swinging toilet door with lift-off hinges will typically have a gap between the top of the door and the underside of the head of the door frame. This is to allow sufficient movement upward so the pin in the door hinges can slip out of the hinge-blades screwed to the side of the door frame or style.

    A suitable door latch should allow the door to be lifted upward and away even if it is in a locked position.

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  • Category : Door Hardware
    Date : 31/07/2018

    The standard door thickness in Australia is....

    Mmm what is it?

    Depeding on where you buy your doors from, you will find the thickness of a door varies. I can't find reference to the standard door thickness requirement however there are off the rack standard door sizes, but even these can vary. Doors that fall outside of the 'standard' range (or not on the rack) are considered to be non-standard, and will either require custom framing and hanging, or will need to be modified to fit the space.

    But is there a standard door thickness?

    Lets not discuss alluminium or steel doors as that can create a whole lot of thickness problems.

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  • Manital Saturn Door Handle
    Category : Door Hardware
    Date : 12/06/2018

    Manital was established in 1990 to manufacture brass handles for doors and windows. By investing in design and innovation, Manital, over 25 years of production, has managed to redefine the standards of quality and style in the manufacturing of handles.

    Manital was established in 1990 to manufacture brass handles for doors and windows. By investing in design and innovation, Manital, over 25 years of production, has managed to redefine the standards of quality and style in the manufacturing of handles.

    Quality and style are therefore continuously combined with the desire to experiment and innovate, enabling Manital to be at the forefront, focusing on excellence and differentiation and thus enabling the production of prestigious Italian handles.

    Winner of the 2015 Good Design Award, Saturn, by Mario Mazzer, with his unique stylish and functional Saturn Door Lever.

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  • The Elegance of Mandelli
    Category : Door Hardware
    Date : 10/06/2018

    When an object is beautiful, everyone wants to have it.

    This is why MANDELLI1953 pays utmost attention to the aesthetics of its brass products.

    Creations are never by chance but are born out of meticulous research, to offer design handles to minimalists, contemporary handles to pragmatists, classic handles to traditionalists and country handles to naturalists.

    DESIGN, CONTEMPORARY, CLASSIC and TUSCANY are the four MANDELLI1953 collections of handles with round roses, handles with square rose or recessed handles.

    Finishes can be gold, satin gold, chrome, satin chrome, matt satin nickel, satin nickel, matt black, burnished antique, sculpture bronze, matt burnished, burnished, French gold, 24 k gold and old silver.

    Quality for MANDELLI1953, besides the undisputable technological characteristics of its products, refers to a series of actions, a code of conduct, a mixture of stubbornness, strategy, patience and passion for details, an uncompromising attention to a well manufactured product, even where it is not visible to the eye, a wise planning of investments and confident expectation of results.

    All the finishing and control processes that precede packaging are performed with care and dedication that Italians know how to give.

    For these reasons, MANDELLI1953 brands each product with the logo “100% MADE IN ITALY”, in accordance with art. 16 of Decree Law 135 of September 25, 2009.

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  • British Artisans and craftsmen of luxury door hardware
    Category : Door Hardware
    Date : 06/05/2018

    British Artisans and craftsmen of luxury door hardware

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  • Turnstyle Designs honoured with the Queens award for Enterprise
    Category : Door Hardware
    Date : 06/05/2018

    Turnstyle Designs honoured with the Queens award for Enterprise

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  • Gingko Biloba
    Category : Door Hardware
    Date : 24/04/2018

    Designer: Giulio Iacchetti, industrial designer since 1992, designs for many brands including Abet Laminati, Alessi, Artemide, Ceramiche Refin, Danese, Fontana Arte, Foscarini, Magis, Moleskine, Pandora design.

    The story of Dnd builds on the age-old dedication to crafts and industry that is widespread in Val Sabbia, in the province of Brescia. A region with centuries of material know-how, above all in the field of iron and steel, where it is one of the main European centers. Here in Nozza, in 1968, the company Fmn Martinelli was founded, under the guidance of Angelo Martinelli, a man of great expertise with a passion for the production of handles, knobs and knockers of the highest quality.


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