• Category : Door Hardware
    Date : 18/10/2016

    We all worry about catching a virus from co-workers and crowded shopping malls.

    New research shows that contamination of just a single doorknob can help spread germs throughout office buildings, hotels or health care facilities within hours.

    Researchers applied samples of a virus to surfaces such as doorknobs and tabletops and found that, within two to four hours,...

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  • Jericho Villarico
    Category : Door Hardware
    Date : 17/10/2016

    A student in Baguio City High School invented a anti-theft device to help prevent robbery from your home.

    The device has been called “Auto-Call Door Knob” and was invented by a 15 year old grade 9 student named Jericho Villarico, from the Philippines.

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  • Category : Door Hardware
    Date : 16/10/2016

    A 55 year old builder named Brian bought 12 tonne of brass handles stashed in a basement for 40 years for just UK 20,000 Pounds (AU $32k)

    Extravagant maybe but on reflection...!

    He sent an inventory off to an Italian company to see what they were worth and...

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  • Category : Door Hardware
    Date : 13/10/2016

    Since 1911 Olivari has been manufacturing handles at its own factories in Italy where the entire production process takes place.

    Starting with brass billets, the handles are forged, milled, polished, buffed, chrome-plated and hallmarked with a laser. 

    Though it uses the most advanced technology, Olivari preserves all the artisan and wisdom it has accumulated in 100 years of history.


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  • Category : Door Hardware
    Date : 12/10/2016

    Colombo Design is a fresh, design-oriented, family company established in 1990 in Terno d’Isola, in Northern Italy. A worldwide point of reference for the true Made in Italy within the door handles and the bathroom accessories family.

    The Colombo line has grown exponentially, offering a wide range of unusual and beautiful lever handles in many finishes, with co-ordinated doorpulls, hat & coat hooks, recessed cabinet pulls, and other designs.

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  • ShotGun by TIMBA CRAFT
    Category : Door Hardware
    Date : 11/10/2016

    When you approach your front door, what do you see?

    The front door is the enterance to your castle, pallace, family home, and the entry provides an insight into your domain.

    A beautiful Entrance Handle lifts expectations, creates a lasting impression and feels comforting and safe! Door hardware is an extension of your home's personality, and selecting the right entrance handles and locks is a great way to give your home a new look.

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  • Category : Door Hardware
    Date : 10/10/2016

    A touch of the Netherlands here in Australia. Formani reflects both something new and something of trusted style within their ranges.

    Formani is a Dutch company that designs, develops and manufactures door furniture fittings and bathroom accessories in various styles, including lever handles, pull handles, and cabinet handles.

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  • Category : Door Hardware
    Date : 09/10/2016

    The gray area of Architects and Interioir Designers

    Today we have Architects and Interior Designers who are there to help with your new build, remodiling, renovations and design. But there roles do differ.

    Who do you choose?

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  • Category : Door Hardware
    Date : 06/10/2016

    The City of Vancouver Canada has recently banned the use of doorknobs in new construction, single family homes, in favor of lever handles due to accessibility and safety concerns.

    The humble doorknob has never been the most effective method of opening or closing a door. It foils soapy or greasy hands, the disabled, and it can’t be turned with an elbow if the hands are full.

    However, doorknobs do keep bears from wandering into Canadian homes, the animals have learned to push down levers.

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  • Category : Door Hardware
    Date : 05/10/2016

    Home security starts at your front door with your lock and deadbolt. With option after option on the market how do you cut through the clutter and choose the lock that best suits your needs?

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