Specifically for use with stacker and cavity sliding doors, the Zebratti sliding door lock is designed as a low profile lock for use with timber or aluminium joinery. A clean minimal look is achieved by concealing the handle fixings.


To ensure the sliding door lock kit is highly corrosion resistant and endures harsh coastal conditions the kit is manufactured entirely from stainless steel and aluminium.


Available in a range of surface finishes. Powdercoat, Satin Chrome, Antique Bronze


Note: Powdercoat is an option. Please discuss with our sales team.




  • LCS##THL - Twin Handle Double Key (## backset 33, 40, 60mm)
  • LCS##THLNL - Twin handle one locking one non locking
  • LCS##THLB - Twin handle one locking one blank
  • LCS##THP - Twin handle one snib one privacy
  • LCS##SHL - Single handle locking 
  • LCS##THNL - Twin handle non locking


The LCS Lock range requires a minimum of 37mm thick door section.

Zebratti Key Locking Sliding Door Solutions 40mm backset

    • Backsets: 33mm, 40mm, 60mm
    •  Min Style Width: 35.4mm
    • Lock Width: 14mm
    • Handle Size: 242 x 38mm

    The twin locking prongs are driven by the snib inside the flush handle. The key is used finally to lock the prongs in place.