The DELF Metro Back to Back pull handle set is a combination pull handle, lever and lock. On the external you are presented with a pull handle on plate, a concealed lever hidden behind the pull handle, and a euro bolt. On the internal side a pull handle on plate and hidden lever with privacy function that can lock your door with the push of a button, and key function to deadbolt.


At the external door you can unlock the door with a key and using the hidden lever, retract the latch and open the door. You can enter and keep the door in the passage mode or press the privacy button and lock the door behind you. Locking the door with key engages the deadbolt function adding additional security. Simple yet extremely functional.


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Metro Back to Back

  • This Pull Handle Lever Lock combinatiaon is an ideal and efficient way to manage your entry door. The package set includes all fittings (tie through screws, spindle, and latch deadbolt with cyclinder). 

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