Original model designed by MANDELLI1953. Cast, molded and entirely worked in Italy from solid brass ingot originating from Italian foundries.


NOTE: This product is ordered direct from manufacturer. Please allow minimum 3 weeks for delivery to Australia. Talk to our sales team for information.


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Grint Lever Set with latch

  • Lever Passage door handles with latch are designed for internal doors. The lever passage set includes all fittings (tie through screws, spindle, and latch). 

    • This passage set can be used on an external door with a mortice lock, separate lock or deadbolt.
    • Also available with privacy set. 
    • This lever handle is supplied with tubular 8mm latch.
    • Talk to our sales team for more information.
    • Protective PVD coating.
    • Mat white and mat black finishes are available on all models on request.
    • Talk to our sales staff for information.

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