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Zebratti Sliding Door Lock

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

No matter where you are in the world, if you have a sliding door, you need a lock to suit the narrow style and you need a means to open those doors be it slide or hinge. Suitable locks are either over priced or not suitable. Zebratti offer a suitable range of locks for just this market. We will ship to where you are.

The Zebratti TLC range of sliding door hardware represents a new age of flush pull handles and locks. Including privacy locks for timber and aluminum sliding doors.

The Zebratti sliding door solutions are packed with innovation and sophistication. These sleek modern locks represent simplicity through uncompromising design. With Zebratti taking the time to get the range perfect.

The Zebratti locks themselves emphasize quality and simplicity. The Zebratti range of flush pulls are sleek and practical.

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, the Zebratti TLC range represents what Zebratti is all about - quality, and design. The Zebratti TLC range comprises lock, cylinder, fittings, and flush pull selection.

There are so many decisions made when it comes to fitting out a project. Yet the decision about which sliding door hardware to choose is an easy one with the TLC range by Zebratti.

Zebratti's cavity slider sets are for the future today. The TLC series range of cavity slider hardware is unique in that it can be used on wooden and aluminum door of different thickness, it also has backset variations of 33, 45 and 60 covering many scenarios.

The Zebratti flush pulls can be colored to match existing frames, doors, surrounds, giving greater flexibility in interior design.

The Zebratti locks and flush pulls are available from Architectural Design Hardware.

The overall guiding principle for Zebratti is of simplicity, products are designed to be effortless to use, whilst able to withstand the elements. This winning combination earns Zebratti's reputation for design and product quality and robustness.

At Zebratti their designers use the latest CAD software to design and then create 3D prototypes to refine the design of our products. Having control over the design process means we can easily refine and review our product designs.

Developed primarily for the harsh wet seasons of New Zealand, Zebratti hardware is purpose designed to perform in demanding coastal environments and therefore withstand corrosive elements and the test of time.

Zebratti use the best materials available to ensure our products perform. They know product consistency is a priority, and using in-house state of the art CNC machine helps achieve this.

Zebratti warrants the products to be free from manufacturing defects for a period of 10 years from the date of purchase.

Using top quality materials, combined with their modern manufacturing techniques and rigorous quality assurance programs, Zebratti systems are known for enduring performance in coastal environments.

With Zebratti, you can be confident you’ve chosen quality. View there PDF here

We can also offer additional anodized finishes. Ask our consultants for information.

For all your Zebratti TLC series products contact us today or phone (08) 9242 4166

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