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Polo Nero Door Handle

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Polo Nero by Zanda

Zanda offers a large range of quality door handles and accessories, and many styles and finishes to choose from. One unique door handle is the Polo Nero door handle.

The Polo Nero is a warm, precious and always elegant door handle with a black wooden panel and brushed nickle surround of the door handle. This naturalistic finish brings a warmth of nature and comfort to your home and office.

We use wood on so many structures yet most are covered by other materials. Exposed wood is the most natural material to display in our homes. Now the exquisite shades of the earth decorate the Polo Nero door handle and provide functionality with attractive appeal.

Bathroom Doors

The Zanda Polo Nero will also fit nicely on doors that require privacy. Presenting a naturalistic appeal and warmth to attract all visitors.

On double doors the Polo Nero lever looks impressive and official. In an office they would look inviting and professional. In your home the warmth and comfort appear homely and familiar.

Office Doors

Zanda Architectural is a designer, manufacturer, and supplier of high quality door and cabinet hardware.

Cupboard Doors

The accompanying Nero cabinet handles bring warmth to kitchen areas and bedrooms. Smooth and comfortable to hold, the Nero cabinet handle provides secure opening and closing options for cupboard doors.

Founded in 1927, Zanda has built upon this long history of service. In the process it has revolutionized its customer offering.

Slide and Swing Doors

You can also utilize the Nero Pull Handles for sliding doors, and swing doors

Zanda's exquisitely designed products cater to all luxury tastes and requirements making product selection a dream for Architects, and Interior Designers alike.

Marco Nero Cabinet Handle

The Marco Nero cabinet handle in black offers a new fuller feel to its Nero range. Impressive in the office environment. Comfortable and appealing in your home or apartment surroundings.

Apartment Living

The Nero cabinet handle is an ideal improvement to apartment refurbishment projects. Bringing modern design style and functionality to a living environment.

Comfortable Living

With matching door handles and accessories a refurbishment can evolve in to an art work.

The Zanda Nero is a great looking handle, but if it is not your style, browse the range of door handles from Zanda here on our door handle page.

Our showroom is open if you would like to visit and our consultants are ready to assist with your inquiries.

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