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Do your windows wake you up in the night, trembling and rattling at the smallest bit of wind? It might be that the window fasteners are no longer working properly. The two most popular residential windows on older houses are casement and double hung windows. Here's what you need to know about buying new locks for your old windows or your new window locks.

A window sash is the part of a window that moves and holds the glass panes together. The sash fits inside the window frame, attached to the house. The sash will vary depending on the type of window. For example, on a double hung window there is an upper and lower sash that move up and down.

A sash window is a window feature composed of two frames or sashes which slide open. Most sash windows are double-hung. They allow both sashes to open, and set on a vertical track with one sliding in front of the other.

A sash window or hung sash window made of one or more movable panels, or "sashes". They form a frame to hold panes of glass. Often separated from other panes (or "lights") by glazing bars. Also known as muntins in the US (moulded strips of wood).

  • A double-hung window — a window with two vertically sliding sashes — is a common type of window in older houses. Fasteners and sash lifts are the most common types of doble-hung window hardware.

As well as stopping air leaks and rattles, fasteners help secure a window from intruders. The window sash will sit snugly against the window frame to accomplish the latter two purposes. Cam (crescent shaped) locks are the most common sash fasteners.

The industry provides many styles — from Eastlake to the ultramodern. Check details for the appropriate sash lock, as well as lift size, when specifying windows hardware.

Window sashes are very important for the window construction. As a whole and for its durability. Vinyl window sashes are multi-chambered. Also fusion-welded and reinforced so that they do not distort over time. A distorted window sash can cause the window to leak out and not lock. Structural strengthening is what determines the window quality.

Sash liftswere standard fittings on windows by the Victorian era, and are still in use today. Flush, handle and hook lifts can add a finishing touch to your sash in the appropriate shape and colour.

If you want to add a more detailed look to double hung windows off the shelf or if you have old wood windows with broken, rusted, or inoperable hardware, it's a good time to shop for replacements.

Check the sash measurements for appropriate sash lock, strike, and lift size when specifying hardware for windows.

The most common domestic window was the casement windows with leaded glass panes until the mid-1600s, when sash windows were introduced. Sash windows are typically used on older houses, while casement windows are still used in Europe.

The window of the casement swings open from a hinged sash. Back in the early 1900s, architects like Frank Lloyd Wright reintroduced casement windows (Wright used horizontal casement windows).

Architects specialising in 1920s and 1940s Tudor and Spanish Revival houses have incorporated the casement windowinto their designs.

There are a number of fasteners and adjusters on the market today — some popular styles resemble medieval designs to be used on Tudor and Revival houses for the arts and crafts.

Casement fasteners play the same role as double-hung sash fasteners — to protect the window — whereas casement adjusters hold the window open. The opening casement and the opening awning window are still the most popular window types in Europe and are still available in Australia.

Since window sashes are an important part of window design, proper functioning is imperative.

  • If the window is stuck and is unable to open and close, then an alignment problem may be indicated.

  • Usually this can be solved with minor adjustments, but otherwise, you may need to replace your window sash or windows.

  • If your windows have not been replaced in several years, buying replacement windows for your home may be wise.

  • While the initial cost may be high, new windows may lower your energy bills and increase your home's overall value and curb its appeal.

When specifying awning and casement window hardware, make sure that you look at all of your options. For example, the European three-point lock is a popular choice today.

When you come toArchitecural Design Hardwarewe can help you with casement fasteners and sash lifts from TRADCO to suit your needs.

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