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TRADCO Reims Lever Short Plate

The story of Tradco began over three decades ago. Graham and Denise Duff started making restoration architectural hardware. Designs to fit within Australia's historical homes. As the business grew, so did the range of designs. Tradco now offers over 5000 diverse products.

TRADCO believe when a house build completes with care, it transforms - it becomes a home - a part of peoples lives. Whether it be a hinge, light switch or door lever, every one of their products has this in mind.

At Architectural Design Hardware we are proud to be associated with TRADCO Door Hardware products. Visit our showroom for the TRADCO range of products and more details. Our friendly team are available for consultation and door scheduling.

Lever handles came into popular use during the 1900s, but there are many examples of door handle designs before this period and some can be found as early as the Tudor period.

Reims the city, also spelled Rheims in English, is the most populous city in the French department of Marne. The city lies 129 km (80 mi) northeast of Paris on the Vesle river, a tributary of the Aisne.

Founded by the Gauls, Reims became a major city in the Roman Empire. Reims later played a prominent ceremonial role in French monarchical history as the traditional site of the coronation of the kings of France.

Reims is recognized for the diversity of its heritage, ranging from Romanesque to Art-déco. Reims Cathedral, the adjacent Palace of Tau, and the Abbey of Saint-Remi were listed together as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991 because of their outstanding Romanesque and Gothic architecture and their historical importance to the French monarchy.

When the Reims lever appeared is not known. We can assume it was created over time in line with the historical growth of the city and it's popularity. With the Industrial Revolution and the availability of different materials, door knob and door handle styles evolved from being purely functional to also being decorative. Various designs could then be found to co-ordinate with the interior designs that were in vogue at the time.

Reims Short Backplate Furniture

Antique Brass 0776

Antique Brass


Reims lever on round rose. Made from solid brass.

Antique Copper 0748

Antique Copper


Reims lever on round rose. Made from solid brass.

Chrome Plated 0779

Chrome Plated


Reims lever on round rose. Made from solid brass.

Matt Black 9622

Matt Black


Reims lever on round rose. Made from solid brass.

Polished Brass 0773

Polished Brass


Reims lever on round rose. Made from solid brass.

Rumbled Nickel 6359

Rumbled Nickel


Reims lever on round rose. Made from solid brass.

Satin Brass 6642

Satin Brass


Reims lever on round rose. Made from solid brass.

Satin Chrome 0751

Satin Chrome


Reims lever on round rose. Made from solid brass.

Satin Nickel 6562

Satin Nickel


Reims lever on round rose. Made from solid brass.

You can view more of the TRADCO range here on our website.


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