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The Porsche Door Handle

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

I have always admired F.A. Porsche’s work – not just his cars, but also the many useful objects he designed. He expressed himself in a strong, highly original line that was sometimes almost provocative. — Antonio Olivari

In 1989 F.A. Porsche designed the M150R. The first of its kind. A unique design. The rose rotates as a solid whole with the lever. An almost "provocative" design.

Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, nicknamed "Butzi", son of Ferry Porsche, grandson of Ferdinand Porsche, was a German designer whose best known product was the first Porsche 911.

Appearance of a Product

While his grandfather and father were both engineers, he was more involved in working out the appearance of a product. from Wikipedia

Ferdinand Alexander was heavily involved in the Porsche 911, as it was family tradition that every generation of the Porsche family took part in the genesis of a new car generation.

The 911 Porsche

Ferry Porsche wished the successor of his 356 should provide more space and comfort in the cabin, though he was also cited as saying, "Comfort is not what makes driving fun, it is more on the opposite."

The original project code 901 was changed to 911 after intervention of Peugeot who had a trademark protection on three-number-combinations with "0" in the middle. Production of the 911 began in 1964.

Ferdinand Alexander also shaped another important car, the Porsche 904. He stated that the 904 was his favorite work for Porsche.

Change of Direction

After the family decided to change the company's legal form and to keep the family out of its management, Ferdinand Alexander founded his own industrial design company.

Named Porsche Design, in Stuttgart, Germany. Later moved to Zell am See, Austria, where the Porsche family owns an estate called Schüttgut.

The Tik Tok

The first product Porsche Design created was a chronograph wristwatch made by Swiss watchmaker company Orfina.

The Porsche Design Chrono I was made in different versions — color of case and straps, print on dial — for several country's air forces, as well as the NATO alliance.

Porsche Design

Porsche Design came up with several bathroom designs, a washing machine, furniture, knives, television receivers. A desk lamps (one with three telescoping radio antennas attaching the light bulb holder to the base and one employing design aspects of a guillotine in its pull-out mechanism).

Tobacco pipes with air-cooled-engine-inspired cooling fins, pens made out of wire-cloth used in oil hoses for racing engines, computer monitors, computer external hard drives, coffee makers, and even a grand piano for an Austrian manufacturer Bösendorfer.

Spectacle of Porsche

F.A. Porsche designed many spectacles. Most often, they had some unique attributes — e.g., a saddle-shaped cushion adapting to the nose shape automatically and opening symmetrically through an internal cam mechanism.

The drop-shaped spectacle had a quick release mechanism to provide quick lens changes. One pair even had magnetically held lenses; another one got its shape from the intended production method: Its shape was accommodated to a sand casting process of titanium.

Transportation Design

Transportation design remained an issue for F.A. Porsche. He made several studies for metropolitan trains, a motorcycle, several bicycles and a slightly dolphin-shaped racing boat called Kineo.

F.A. Porsche retired in 2005 due to his state of health.

M150R Door Lever Alexandra
M150R Door Lever Alexandra

The Porsche Door Handle

There are not many product categories that have not been shaped, in some form or another, by the Porsche Design Studio in its forty-five years in business: glasses, writing utensils, furniture—even trams.

A fine example of FA Porsche's creativeness is the Alexander door handle. Designed by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche in 1989 is the M150R lever.

References: Ferdinand Porsche 911 1963, Porsche Design Rollei, Porsche Design Siemens Premium Line 2 1995

Narrow Window Frame Style
Narrow Window Frame Style

Unusual Lever Mechanism

Ferdinand Alexander Porsche's personality shines through in the Alexandra door handle, where he overturned the usual lever mechanism.

Generally, the rose is fixed to the door, but here, it rotates as a solid whole with the entire handle.

This feature sets the Alexander door handle apart from all others. An unusual design shape for a door handle.

Wide and Solid Wing

Wide and solid winged shape body. With Round Rosette. Designed directly by the genius of Porsche designers himself, Ferdinand Alexander Butzi Porsche.

An almost "provocative" design. Lines decisive and original. A handle with a modern and explosive appearance, which adapts to different backdrops.

Finishes Available:

  • CR Chrome,

  • IS Superlnox Satin Stainless,

  • PBU Polished Brass Unlacquered,

  • EMB Electro Matt Black,

  • PC Powder Coat (specify colour)

You can view more of the Olivari Door Hardware Range here

Narrow Window Frame Style
Narrow Window Frame Style


Ferdinand A. Porsche 1989

by  F.A. Porsche in 1989
by F.A. Porsche in 1989


Alexandra is a pull handle in straight or offset version. Available in the same collection also the coat hook, the latch and the handle designed by F.A. Porsche in 1989.


At Architectural Design Hardware we have the privilege to be able to offer the Olivari range of door hardware which includes the infamous Alexandra M150R door lever by Porsche.

If you are a Porsche enthusiast then perhaps door handles by the legendary designer of the 911 himself appeal to your inner automotive instincts.

For the rest of us the Alexandra door handle is an innovative functional appealing door opener. Suitable for home or office.

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