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Why People Come to the ADH Showroom

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

When looking for new door handles, entrance handles and cabinet handles it is nice to be able to touch and feel the product rather than just order online and hope for the best. That is the ADH philosophy.

Architectural Design Hardware or ADH as it is known can not display every available product. But they do have an unbelievable collection to display. You will be surprised at their diversity and even more surprised at how it all fits into this Aladdin's Cave of door hardware.

At their Architectural Design Hardware Showroom they are full of innovative and inspiring designs and styles, and there is so much more. Their experienced consultants will assist you in choosing the best solutions to your door hardware needs.

The Architectural Design Hardware's’ showroom at Osborne Park delivers a wide variety of standout features designed to transform a new home or office.

Their modern website offers access to suppliers and post pages providing details on product. Either way they will provide you information to help you decide what hardware choice is most suitable for your project.

Why People Come to the ADH Showroom

Architectural Design Hardware’s’ owner and CEO Bruno Di Paolo says the showroom space was created to ease the selection process for clients.

The showroom gives our clients the ability to touch and feel the huge range of products and see the exceptional quality upfront” he said.

The space is broken into four separate zones to make the selection process easier.

The first zone contains traditional door hardware and a selection of internationally designed pull handles, and exquisite door hardware” Mr. Di Paolo said.

Zone two has everything from cabinet handles, to Australian and Italian design door hardware"

The third zone is comprised of pull handles, accessories for doors, locks and more.

The final zone is dedicated to contemporary door hardware and features and showcases a number of different window fasteners and other accessories, and there’s always so much more

The space was created specifically for people who want to renovate or build their homes or offices.

We wanted to reduce the amount of running around done by the client, as most of the selection process can be done in-house with our team” Mr Di Paolo said.

This allows our clients to spend more time with our consultants in our showroom to really get things right. And with a sit down discussion, a coffee is always on offer

The extensive range of top-of-the-line products includes brands such as Designer Doorware, Valli&Valli, Mandelli, Olivari, Formani, DND, and many, many, others.

Mr Di Paolo said the showroom space was well received by Architects, builders and clients renovating or building their homes or offices.

With most items at their fingertips, the showroom is an inviting space that makes our clients feel comfortable

Our clients are always excited by what’s available; they often want to bring their friends back and show them the huge range of high-end products"

The showroom is stocked with some incredible items, including a wide variety of standout features. In particular, our clients are always impressed by wide range of international door hardware and cabinet hardware selections

"The biggest problem is not being able to show all the products. As you will see our showroom is fairly well stocked with product. And there is always more" explained Mr Di Paolo

Architectural Design Hardware showroom is open to the public 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday inclusive, except for Saturdays where an appointment is needed. Call or email the office.

View more of their products here on their post door handle news page.

If you have questions remember a picture paints a thousand words.


Visit their Virtual Showroom or browse their online resource CLOUD facility for more information and ideas.

ADH Experienced consultants look forward to seeing you in their showroom.

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