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Tactile Indicators @ Architectural Design Hardware

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

CTA provide a full range of products associated with compliance to AS1428, including tactile guidance products, safety stair edging, architectural entry matting, concrete surface treatments, car park fit-out solutions, commercial carpet/timber/vinyl and much more.

At Architectural Design Hardware we offer the range of CTA products. Visit us today.

CobbleTac® Inlaid Integrated Tactile Paving

CobbleTac® inlaid integrated tactile pavers are naturally beautiful, manufactured from Porcelain, PreCast Concrete or Granite. CobbleTac® tactile pavers offer excellent slip resistance and integrate perfectly with streetscapes, parks and squares.

CobbleTac® tactile pavers are an ideal choice for a high quality, beautiful finish in new construction applications where recessing is available.

CobbleTac® tactile pavers are manufactured from Porcelain, fibre reinforced Precast Concrete or Granite and Bluestone.

CobbleTac® tactile pavers are a range of integrated inlaid tiles designed to be installed flush with the substrate using normal tiling/paving practices. They integrate perfectly with the surrounding area, and are particularly suited to heavy traffic public areas such as pedestrian crossings, train stations and public squares.


The entire CobbleTac® range of tactile pavers is backed by a comprehensive 10 Year manufactures warranty, all products are guaranteed to be both dimensionally and colour stable so you can be confident in the product you specify.

Range of Colours

CobbleTac® comes in a large range of colours ensuring you always have a product option that will complement the palette of the area, while also meeting the luminance contrast requirements of AS1428.

Super Strong

CobbleTac® products are designed to be ultra strong and durable. Porcelain has a Breaking Strength in excess of 3162N, while Precast offers a Compression Strength 48mpa. See individual data sheets for more information.

CobbleTac® is available in Porcelain, Precast and Granite variants and in both hazard and directional formats. Please read more about each below, and select an option to view all colours and sizes available.

Tactile Indicators

CobbleTac® Porcelain

CobbleTac® Porcelain is a truly cost effective, ‘set-and-forget’ option. They will withstand the rigours of high traffic areas and the testing Australian climate without fading, absorbing moisture or changing shape.

Manufactured from tough UV stable porcelain with a flat grid base to ensure maximum strength and the highest possible level of wear resistance.

  • Standard 300mm x 300mm dimension; base is 10mm deep with a 5mm stud height

  • Available in four colours in both hazard (stud) and directional (rib) profiles

  • Guaranteed dimensionally and colour stable

Tactile Indicators

CobbleTac® Precast

CobbleTac® Precast offers the natural beauty of stone in a palette of colours with an emphasis on function, practicality and ease of use.

This technically advanced high strength fibre reinforced concrete product reproduces a stone texture with structural capabilities making it ideal for pool surrounds, courtyards, terraces, paths and driveways and is available in earthy, natural colours to complement the landscape.

  • High AS4586:2013 P5 slip resistance rating

  • Six colour options in both hazard (stud) and directional (rib) profiles

  • Available in 300 x 300 and 400 x 400 formats, and with 40mm, 60mm or 80mm deep base options.

CobbleTac® Granite tactile pavers, manufactured from natural granite, or Granite and Bluestone, combine the legendary durability of Granite with a wonderful natural appearance.

CobbleTac® Granite tactile pavers are designed for permanent installation into pavements, paths and ramps and are the most hard wearing and reliable tactile products on the market.

CobbleTac® Granite Select offers Granite over Bluestone and Bluestone over granite variations

  • Standard 300mm x 300mm dimensions and 5mm stud height, has a 20mm base. Also available in 400mm x 400mm format or 40mm base on request

  • Six colours variations and in both hazard (stud) and directional (rib) profiles

  • Very high P5 slip resistance rating


SureSteel® Architectural Tactile Indicator Range

SureSteel® tactile indicators offer the highest quality, stunning appearance, ease of installation and the highest level of safety. SureSteel® is available in multiple styles and as both discrete studs and integrated plates.

Extreme Slip Resistance

Patented design element providing unique AS4586 R13 slip resistance, the highest rating of any tactile indicator on the market.

Quality Material

Manufactured from 316 austenitic Stainless Steel for a superior appearance and durability.

Manufactured from 316 marine grade austenitic stainless steel for a super appearance and durability. This one-piece design ensures strength and reliability – and will not become displaced or broken over time.

Any Substrate

SureSteel® can be installed over almost any substrate including carpet, concrete, timber, bitumen and tiles.

Suitable Applications

High volume traffic areas such as stairs, ramps, walkways and pedestrian thoroughfares along with areas where aesthetics are important such as building foyers and hotel lobbies. Suitable for internal and external applications.

Tactile Indicators

SureSteel® Classic

SureSteel® Classic stainless steel tactile indicators feature a concentric ring top with either a smooth or stepped side face. Manufactured from 316 marine grade stainless steel with a one piece construction.

  • AS1428 Compliant Design

  • Available in both hazard (stud) and directional (rib) profiles

  • 10 Year Manufacturers Warranty

  • Multiple installation options

Tactile Indicators

SureSteel® Carborundum

SureSteel® Carborundum Stainless Steel tactile indicators have a Carborundum infill top. Carborundum offers both smooth and stepped side face along with a variety on installation methods.

SureSteel® Carborundum provides an extra high level of safety and the choice of a black or yellow carborundum top. Suited to both indoor and outdoor use.

  • R13 slip resistance classification

  • Requires 60% luminance contrast

  • 10 Year manufacturers warranty

  • Yellow or Black insert option

Tactile Indicators

SureSteel® Special

The SureSteel® Special range features a concentric ring top design, offered in Brass, Aluminium or Black anodised stainless steel tactile indicators. The Special range is available in hazard and directional styles and will provide an extra level of style to any project.

  • Available in both hazard (stud) and directional (rib) profiles

  • 10 Year Manufacturers Warranty

  • R13 Slip Resistance Rating

  • Custom anodising colours on request

Tactile Indicators

SureSteel® Select

SureSteel® Select introduces colour to stainless steel tactile indicators, without trading off the high levels of compliance, safety and durability of stainless steel. This provides a wider range of options for architects and specifiers.

  • Available in both hazard (stud) and directional (rib) profiles

  • Seven vibrant colour choices

  • Solid 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Construction (not a plastic Spigot)

  • R13 Slip Resistance Rating

Tactile Indicators

SureSteel® Plates

SureSteel® Plates offer the same high levels of safety and compliance as all SureSteel® products, with the highest slip resistance rating on the market and very high levels of luminance contrast, meeting all applicable standards.

  • Standard 600x300mm and 600x1200mm formats, customs sizes and shapes on request

  • Excellent for surfaces that are difficult to drill such as chequer plates, access floors and escalator plates

  • All plates are supplied ready-to-install, with pre-drilled and countersunk holes for quick securing

  • Marine grade 316 stainless steel construction with R13 Slip Resistance Rating


PolyGuide® Coloured Polymeric Tactiles

The PolyGuide® range of tactile indicators includes integrated rubber pads, plastic peel&stick and individual plastic studs. PolyGuide® offers a multitude of colour options and install methods for all substrates.

PolyGuide® coloured tactile indicators include rubber pads, plastic Peel&Stick tiles and individual plastic studs. PolyGuide® offers a multitude of colour options and install methods.

Tactile Indicators

RhinoTac Accessible Tactile

CTA RhinoTac Accessible Tactile products are ideal for situations where recessing of the substrate is considered inappropriate or costly – in these situations retrofitting can be easily achieved with the installation of these tactile products.

Manufactured from high density, fibre reinforced polymers. The resulting product is UV stable, easy to install and cost-effective, they will withstand the highest levels of foot traffic and will not lift, peel or crack.

Tactile Indicators

PolyPad® Retro Pads

CTA PolyPad® tactile guidance products are ideal for situations where recessing or drilling of the substrate is considered inappropriate or costly – in these situations retrofitting can be easily achieved with the installation of these rubber tactile products.

Undoubtedly the most versatile and easy to install tactile guidance product on the market. Manufactured from a combination of high performance polymers, PolyPad® is flexible and can be manipulated to suit undulating surfaces without compromising strength and durability.

Tactile Indicators

PolyTile® Self Adhesive Tiles

PolyTile® tactile products are designed as durable Peel&Stick tiles which can be applied to almost any walkway, stair or ramp to provide immediate compliance to AS1428. PolyTile® External includes discrete mechanical fixing points to ensure greater longevity when used outdoors.

PolyTile® is manufactured from polyurethane polymer with wear resistance that exceeds that of steel and will not discolour, crack or degrade over time.

Tactile Indicators

PolyStud® Tactile Studs

PolyStud® offers specifiers a discrete tactile option which retains the aesthetic of the underlying substrate without compromising on performance.

PolyStud® is UV stable and have a proven track record when safety and durability count. The unique polymer formulation and large anchoring spigot ensure the product is made to last. PolyStud® will withstand extreme point loading and side impact. It is long lasting, resistant to heavy traffic, maintenance machinery and abuse.

Tactile Indicators

PolyCap® Hybrid Tactile Studs

PolyCap® Hybrid Tactiles offer the economy of the PolyStud® range and the style of SureSteel® Select. Manufactured from a unique polymer formulation

PolyCap® has a large anchoring spigot ensuring they will withstand heavy forces. The tactile head is wrapped in a Stainless Steel cap which provides the same aesthetic as stainless steel tactile indicators but at a fraction of the cost.

Tactile Indicators

PolyBlade® Shafted Tactiles

PolyBlade® offers an alternative installation option for polymeric tactile products. PolyBlade® is ideal for large areas due to the speed of installation.

Available in both hazard and directional indicator formats, PolyBlade® is highly versatile and suited to a wide range of heavy traffic applications. Easily installed onto most substrates using a saw-cut process but particularly suited to concrete, exposed aggregate, bitumen and tiles.


Austact® Rail Tactile Guidance Systems

The Austact® lock stud range of tactile indicators have extreme tensile strength and a patented spigot design that locks out moisture. Austact® offers a multitude of colour options with excellent slip resistance that lasts the lifetime of the product.

Austact® Manufactured from a UV resistant, engineering grade plastic that exhibits long life, extreme tensile strength and the highest abrasion/wear resistance of any other polymer.

In 1965, Japanese inventor Seiichi Miyake began advocating for the use of tactile guidance products as a means of orientating people with vision impairment.

These cues both tactile and visual are used to warn pedestrians of impending hazards and also provide directional guidance to important landmarks such as bus stops, ticketing offices and the alike, especially in open urban environments.

Now-days Austact TGSIs are the preferred tactile cue used by most Australian rail authorities and is being used in some of the most discerning international rail networks such as Dubai Metro, Hong Kong Metro and UK Rail.

Tactile Indicators are available through Architectural Design Hardware. Visit our showroom today.

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