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Stair Nosing for stairs

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Stair nosing is placed on the edge of the step to help prevent slipping or tripping as one climbs or descends the stair. At Architectural Design Hardware we offer a selection of nosing for stairs from CTA.

  • CTA stair nosing systems are designed to provide maximum safety in any situation.

  • CTA products meet the varied needs of architects, builders, building owners and end-users.

  • The entire CTA range of safety stair edging is available with a NCC compliant 10mm leading edge and a standard 25mm option.

Purpose designed Stair Nosing options for every application, all manufactured to the highest standards and to exceed the requirements of the Australian Standards

ProStep® Premium Safety Stair Edging

An attractive & durable stair edging range designed for a variety of applications, ProStep® is particularly suited to heavy traffic areas.

HiLight® Heavy Duty Safety Stair Edging

Designed for heavy traffic situations, HiLight® provides the highest level of slip resistance and is perfect for stylish public areas.

PosiTread® Architectural

Stair Edging

Sleek architectural style in four profile designs. PosiTread® will enhance the aesthetic of any space, all without compromising on safety.

SureGrip® Heavy Duty Safety Stair Edging

Resistant to heavy traffic situations, providing the highest level of slip resistance and longevity in the most demanding applications.

SafeLine® Low Profile Stair Edging

A cost effective option incorporating a self adhesive P5 anti-slip tape insert. Seven insert colours and four profile design options.

For more information contact Architectural Design Hardware. We would be happy to discuss your needs.

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