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Spring Hinge Bonco

BONCO Spring Hinge

BONCO Spring Hinge Adjustment

A spring hinge is used to self close a door or gate.

The spring tension is adjustable to allow the spring to close the hinge slowly without slaming shut the gate or door.

Adjustment is usually achieved by the turn of a hex key inserted at the top of the hinge itself.

The trick is... one click at a time!

When you unpack your spring hinges DO NOT ADJUST tension until you fit the hinges on the gate or door.

If the self-closing door isn’t closing hard enough to latch properly, you can adjust the spring tension with the hex key - one click at a time!

If you over tension the spring, the door will slam shut. When you adjust one click at a time and check closing speed you will find the correct adjustment needed.

If the door slams shut, you can adjust the spring tension with a hex wrench, and pliers.

Locate the lock pin. Care must be taken when removing the lock pin as it is under tension. And as the hinge is under tension, care must be taken to not lose the lock pin, and not let parts fly off when tension is released.


  • With the lock pin removed you can swivel the lock head with the hex key to reduce tension.

  • Align the lock head with the lock pin hole and reinsert the lock pin.

  • When secure you can readjust tension with the hex key.

Adjust one click at a time so as too not over tension the spring and have the door slam shut.


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