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Soundproof Baby's Room

Updated: Feb 12

Our infant girl is already 7 months old and I'm so happy I made the choice before she was born to make the nursery soundproof.

There are two valid reasons to make the baby's bedroom soundproof: (1) it offers a peaceful space for the baby to sleep and nobody has to creep around being quiet; and (2) it prevents the baby's screams from echoing around the house anytime the baby cry's.

And whilst the room is soundproof the baby monitor is doing its job. That's what a monitor is all about!

The bedroom door needs to be solid core.

The first thing you need to do is to get a solid core door. Most interior doors in homes use hollow core doors. They do very little to cut out sound even when they are closed. You can test this by ask your partner to stand on one side of the closed door and you on the other. Have a conversation, you'll hear quite clearly the other.

Not sure if you have a solid core or hollow core door? Just knock on it. A solid core door will sound solid and deep. A hollow core door will sound hollow and loud.

There are a range of door seals on our website that can be used to help soften the sound travel. Like the RP120 corner seal combined with an RP8 seal. Always an option to keep sound at bay. View door seals here @ Raven, or call us for more info (08) 9242 4166

The RAVEN RP120 Corner Seal

The RAVEN RP8 Concealed Bottom Door Seal

Attractive Sound Proof Curtains

Soundproof curtains generally are something we buy when we want to keep sound from outside the house coming in. They aren't great for that. It takes thick density to actually block sound.

However, by having thick fabrics in a baby's room, it prevents sound from bouncing off walls. It deadens the noise. It is similar to you standing in your closet and yelling. The sound bounces off the soft clothing reducing the sound level. The opposite of standing in your bathroom and singing. It's MUCH louder.

You can also hang up decorative quilts on the wall to help soften the noise. Additional plush furniture or fabrics, and plush rugs for hard flooring will decrease the noise and soak up the sound and the room will sound much more quiet.

Extreme Measures

In your own home you could double-layer the drywall on whatever wall will cause the biggest issue.

If for example, the baby's room has a shared wall with a teenager's room, you could put drywall over existing drywall, and then paint or wall paper the wall. This will significantly soften the sounds that travel through the wall.

In our home, there was a second door. We changed that to a solid core door as well. Since the door is in an area where there is sound, this made a huge difference.

You can dampen the sound with wallpaper.

Don't Worry About Not Being Able to Hear the Baby

The best thing we bought for our baby was the Sound Dohm. That's totally true, but the second best thing we bought is a VIDEO baby monitor.

With our older kids, we just had an audio baby monitor. With the video monitor, we can check on the baby and make sure she is safe without going inside her room, which makes it much quieter during nap time.

The baby monitor takes care of the unknown. You don't need to worry about soundproofing the room and not being able to hear the baby. That's what the baby monitor is for. And your baby can have a peaceful sleep without peering eyes through the door.

And with sound proofing you really don't have to worry about silencing your other kids around the baby's room because the white noise maker in the baby's room makes it so she can't hear out.

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