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Manital The Italian Door Handle

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Manital was established in 1990 to manufacture brass handles for doors and windows. By investing in design and innovation, Manital, over 25 years of production, has managed to redefine the standards of quality and style in the manufacturing of handles.

The Manital Door Handle is quality and style and therefore continuously combined with the desire to experiment and innovate, enabling Manital to be at the forefront, focusing on excellence and differentiation and thus enabling the production of prestigious Italian handles.

Manital has won many awards and prizes as the best manufacturer of door and window handles thanks to constant work in research and development but above all to a fruitful collaboration with designers and our research towards design and quality are constant and every award is a stimulus to proceed on this path.

These are just some of the most important awards received at major international design competitions.


  • 2019 Big SEE Product Design Award_Hygge

  • 2018 Red Dot Design Award _ Hygge

  • 2015 Good Design Award _ Saturn

  • 2013 Red Dot Design Award _ Flat

  • 2011 Good Design Award _ Alamaro

  • 2010 International Design Award _ Carmen

  • 2009 International Design Award _ Dots

Winner of the 2015 Good Design Award, Saturn, by Mario Mazzer, with his unique stylish and functional Saturn Door Lever.

Foreign markets have welcomed Manital handles with enthusiasm since its foundation, enough to influence 80% of the total turnover.

Right from the beginning,England and Spain particularly appreciated the innovative design and quality of Manital handles. Manital, indeed, now exports its production to all five continents, selling steadily in 70 countries worldwide.

The Manital brass door handles are the best sellers, for internal doors and windows, they are 100% Made in Italy. This guarantees a high quality product, certified and awarded.

This is because Manital almost 30 years is the undisputed leader in the production of luxury handles, brass door handles and brass window handles made exclusively in Italy.

To succeed in producing quality handles, he constantly invests in design and innovation.

Manital has always been committed to creating design products guaranteeing and offering brass handles made with the use of high quality material.

All this takes place thanks to the synergy between the creativity of the best Italian designers with whom Manital collaborates and the technical innovation of the products that are developed every day within the company by highly qualified specialists. A combination of formal design and functional design.

Manital’s best sellers could not fail to include Java, the timeless handle, present at the Radisson Royal Hotel in Moscow, best luxury business hotel in the world, and Flash, the handle with an elegant and minimal design, is characterized by the inclined handle and slim that makes it harmonious and ergonomic, facilitating the grip.

Basic Collection

The Basic collection by Manital is the most suitable for all those who prefer clean, simple, basic lines that are perfect for classic door handles.

Among the main lines Flash, Polare, Tosca, Linda, Riva all available in the classic Manital finishes: brass, bronzed, chrome, nickel.

To us handles are a very important detail, an element that allows the door to be opened and closed. A small but essential component that Manital transforms “From an opening tool to a precious piece of furniture for architecture …” (Luigi Bigoloni). What better challenge then than to propose classic door handles, to pay tribute to timeless handles?

All this happens thanks to the synergy between the creativity of the best Italian designers with whom Manital collaborates and the technical innovation of the products that are developed every day within the company by highly qualified specialists. A combination of formal design and functional design.

Style Collection

The Manital Handle Style collection is perfect for lovers of more traditional, elegant lines, perhaps for antique door handle style.

Among our classic handles you can find different models like Valencia, Mary, Barocco, Plaza and the new classic collection born in the Manital family: Fenice.

The two main models are Victoria and York, perfect for those with a penchant for antique door handle style!

Victoria recalls the lines of the Victorian style, with precious inlays and ornamental motifs available in the classic Manital finishes and in addition in the new shaded bronzed black, red French gold, green French gold, red French silver, ivory gold gradient.

York, on the other hand, recalls the neoclassical style thanks to the rigorous and rational lines of the octagonal shape that characterizes the handle and rosette. York is available in classic Manital finishes and in polished and satin-finished copper.

Design Collection

To us our line of latest door handles designs is fundamental  to support our international vocation, allowing us to take part in the most important events in the world of design such as 100% Design, the most important exhibition in the United Kingdom dedicated to design, architecture and innovation.

Our flagships for this line are certainly the latest creations, Bimyou and Hygge.

The first one is one of the balanced and discreet design handles that stand out for their gently curved shape and without edges.

Hygge, on the other hand, was awarded with the Red Dot Design Award 2018 and stands out for its minimal and linear design, characterized by a thin, dynamic and slender line that fits perfectly in contemporary style doors and windows.

A dip into Italian design, with a production 100% Made in Italy  signed by designers such as Maurizio Giordano, Mario Mazzer and Giovanni Crosera, Sottsass Associates, Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas.

Special Collections

Among Manital most famous  special door handles in the world, certainly include Giava and Athena.

The former can be defined as the elegant and timeless handle present at the Radisson Royal Hotel in Moscow best luxury business hotel in the world.

The second, instead, is the result of the creed of the two designers who planned the year, Maurizio Giordano and Roberto Grossi, that is “the image and the substance can coincide in all their work”. This meant that Athena was even used inside the Burj Khalifa of Dubai.

This is because the circular objects and the curved lines, soft and rounded, are reassuring and welcoming.

Many of our handles, in fact, enhance these shapes making them contemporary and essential.

Discover all the handles of the “Special Versions” line of Manital such as the America Series, Plaza and Quadra.

The Full Range

See the full range of Manital Door Handles here with direct link to the Manital web site.

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