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Powdercoat vs Spray Paint

The Difference between Powdercoat and House paint is that they are two different types of paint applied to the surface of different materials. Each surface with its own unique qualities. Lets look at powdercoat on metal.

The metal is cleaned, powdercoat applied, heat applied and the powdercoat sticks to the metal surface. It does not penetrate the metal surface, rather sits on top of the surface. Stuck by heat processing. The colour will be true to its name.

Lets look at house paint on wood or metal.

House paint on the other hand can be applied by brush, roller, spray and in some cases is dabbed on to achieve a special effect. If house paint is applied to a metal object you would normally apply a primer first.

The colour of the primer will in turn affect the final outcome of the paint colour. A dark primer would give a slightly dark shade under white paint. A light grey primer would give a lighter shade under white. Each affect the finished colour.

Of course the more coats of paint you apply the greater the build up of top coat and the truer the white will be to its original colour.

However if we apply house paint to a wooden item, the paint will soak into the wood in turn affecting the colour of the white paint. Again the more coats you add the more the white will show its original colour. Because the make-up of the paint is different there will be a variation in colour. Can you see it with the naked eye? Not always.

White on a wooden surface will differ to white on a metal surface and differ to a powdercoat white of the same name. It may be slight and not noticeable but there will be that difference. You may want to place a cabinet handle on a wooden door and have them all in the same colour. The cabinet handle would normally be powder-coated and the wooden door painted. There will be a slight difference in colour if you can notice it.

The solution would be to paint several coats of the same house paint over the two items to achieve a colour match. The disadvantage would be the cabinet handle would only be painted and not powder-coated. Leaving the cabinet handle vulnerable to scratching over time.

As with many variants, we can not guarantee the outcome. Colours vary as do other types of finishes. We see this daily when we are trying to match hardware on a job and the client is using different brands. Even within the same brand there can be variations. This is door hardware.

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