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Italian PoggiMariani by Dnd

Updated: May 17, 2022

PoggiMariani handles are all made of brass and are forged by hand in the foundry, using techniques of ancient origin: sand casting and shell moulding.

PoggiMariani was founded in 1980 in a workshop on the Navigli in Milan: an artisanal reality, made up of great technical skill, whose products have conquered over time a place of prestige on an international scale, thanks to their high quality in terms of manufacture, attention to detail and refinement of form.

Dnd now owns the brand. PoggiMariani handles are an ideal extension of Dnd’s vocation, experience and high quality.

The technical skills and organisation in manufacturing make possible tailor-made productions where design and decoration of the elements can be customised in every single detail, for refined housing projects.

Handles that stand out for their design and creativity, their decoration, their attention to detail and their finish. Objects of proven and tangible quality, in which the craftsmanship of Made in Italy is manifested in its uniqueness: the culture of beauty and good workmanship, in accessories of great charm.

poggimariani handle collections tell the story of a country where past, present and future are united in a unique thread

A collection that looks at history and is inspired by the decorations of prestigious palaces. Unique shapes, interpreted today with creativity and craftsmanship in every detail.

At Architectural Design Hardware we try and cater for all needs and desires. It is not simply selling a door handle, it is providing the correct door handle to the door to suit the style.

Visit our showroom for inspiration and experience. We are open.

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