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Manital Made in Italy

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

The handles produced by Manital are mainly door handles and window handles and range in style from classic and traditional handles to designer handles, from cheap handles to luxury handles made with materials like Swarovski, but also sliding door handles and handles for external and internal doors.

Manital was founded in 1990 as an Italian manufacturers of door handles company. Manital, in almost 30 years of production, has succeeded in redefining the quality and stylistic standards in the production of door and window handles.

Quality Made in Italy

Quality and style continually combine with the desire to experiment and innovate, allowing Manital to always be at the forefront, aiming for excellence and differentiation, thus allowing the production of prestigious Italian handles.

Quality, Made in Italy, and design are combined with the desire to experiment and innovate that have enabled Manital to be among the leading manufacturers of door and window handles since its establishment.

International Manital

The foreign markets have been enthusiastically welcoming Manital door handles since its foundation, so much so as to influence around 80% of the total turnover. In fact, Manital exports its production to all five continents today, selling permanently in 70 countries around the world. And yes Australia is one of them.

Italian Artists

Ever since they decorated the doorways of cathedrals, basilicas and palaces, Italian artists are famous all over the world for their creative genius. and these works still today represent the masterpieces of Italian art and creativity.

Today, perhaps, we don’t call them artists but designers, but for Manital, the designers they work with are real artists who design small art masterpieces with their talent and intuitiveness.

The Door

The door, in fact, is an essential element of our homes, it acts as a shelter but we could call it “the visiting card” of our houses since it is the first element that presents itself before our guests upon their arrival and the last one before return to their homes.

A very important detail of this element is the handle that allows the door to be opened and closed. A small but essential component that Manital transforms “From an opening tool to a precious piece of furniture for architecture …” (Luigi Bigoloni).

All this happens thanks to the synergy between the creativity of the best Italian designers with whom Manital collaborates and the technical innovation of the products that are developed every day within the company by highly qualified specialists. A combination of formal design and functional design to create unforgettable designer handles.

Manital Growth

Today, in addition to Luigi Bigoloni, President, are also the sons Alessandro and Luca at the helm of the company and, together, they see a promising future full of opportunities for Manital.

Manital has grown and expanded on international markets, reaching as far as China, and today boasts a rich catalog of proposals with over 85 series of handles in various finishes and multiple variations .

We at Architectural Design Hardware are proud to be associated with Manital for over 30 years. Visit our showroom to experience the Manital.

Manital with its experience, attention to the details and passion guarantees high quality both internal and exterior door handles Made in Italy.

Thanks to Manital's wide collection and finishes, you the customer have a wide range of products to choose from, selecting the one that best suits the interior decoration and architectural style.

From the most valuable details, like Swarovskis‘ handle, to the classic lines, Manital range of brass lever handles can satisfy any requirement and aesthetic trend.

Focused Details

Manital has always focused on the details that make the handle a unique and quality object.

For this reason, they work on design and innovation also with regard to the rosette, an element that has undergone its evolution over the years.

The new Minimal rosette series is characterized by the extremely small size of the rosette, flush with the handle and the door. Minimal is based on the “ less is more ” concept , the minimalism of forms and essentiality, focusing attention on the design of the handle, which is thus further enhanced. A choice of both style and design where space is reduced to a minimum.

The Minimal rosettes are available in round or square version, diameter 25 mm and can be made for all models and in all Manital finishes.

To Manital handles are a very important detail, an element that allows the door to be opened and closed. A small but essential component that Manital transforms “From an opening tool to a precious piece of furniture for architecture …” (Luigi Bigoloni).

The Manital Collection


For those looking for handles with a luxurious design, Manital dedicates its line of its Swarovski door handles.

That’s how their Clinia handle, designed by the designer Mario Mazzer, sees the addition of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS inserts giving life to: Shiny, Solitaire, Diamonds, Lux and Slim.

Furthermore, the Clenia has helped to create the luxurious and sophisticated atmosphere and the details of the “Arkup Avant-garde life on water” project. Real extra-luxury floating villas proposed by Arkup to sail in the Bay of Miami or to live, with an exclusive, unique and sustainable style.

This Manital model fits perfectly with the refined taste and the avant-garde of the project. The square lines, the balanced proportions, the inclined downward grip of Clinia contribute to the definition of the contemporary and refined environment of this project that combines the characteristics of the best yachts with self-sufficiency, stability, comfort to the safety of a house on earth.

View SWAROVSKI collection here


For Manital their line of latest door handles Designs is fundamental to supporting their international vocation.

A dip into Italian design, with a production 100% Made in Italy signed by designers such as Maurizio Giordano, Mario Mazzer and Giovanni Crosera, Sottsass Associates, Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas.

View DESIGN collection here


The Manital Handle Style collection is perfect for lovers of more traditional, elegant lines, perhaps for antique door handle style.

Among their classic handles you can find different models like Valencia, Mary, Barocco, Plaza and the new classic collection born in the Manital family: Fenice.

View STYLE collection here


The Basic collection by Manital is the most suitable for all those who prefer clean, simple, basic lines that are perfect for classic door handles.

Among the main lines Flash, Polare, Tosca, Linda, Riva all available in the classic Manital finishes: brass, bronzed, chrome, nickel.

View Basic collection here

Ultra Slim

Manital Ultra Slim Door Handles are characterized by a real game of volumes, shapes and proportions able to give a modern and trendy design.

Among the most appreciated Ultra Slim Handles of our catalog are surely Amleto, Morphos, Tredy and Wind.

Furthermore, the Ultra Slim Innovation rosette is a technical and formal innovation that allows, in just 3 millimeters, the perfect opening and closing of the door. This rosette is able to further enhance the handle and door design.

View ULTRA SLIM collection here

Special Versions

Among Manital's most famous special door handles in the world, certainly include Giava and Athena.

The former can be defined as the elegant and timeless handle present at the Radisson Royal Hotel in Moscow best luxury business hotel in the world.

Discover all the handles of the “Special Versions” line of Manital such as the America Series, Plaza and Quadra.

View SPECIAL VERSION collection here


Manital has always invested in research and development for its window and door handles. Manital’s latest novelties have been a great success right from Hygge to Bimyou, from the Fenice line to the Saturn line.

The latter is located at the Bluewaters Hotel in Dubai, the last artificial paradise desired by the Dubai Sheikh and Prime Minister Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

View NOVELTIES collection here

Door Accessories and Door Stopper

Doors and Door Accessories are an essential element of our homes, they act as shelter but also as a visiting card of ours being the first element that appears before our guests upon arrival and the last before their return to their homes .

When it is open the threshold can be considered the place of welcome or farewell. The door is an element of opening (or closing) towards the world.

For Manital, enhancing every single door element is essential. And what better starting point if not from the handles or even better from the accessories handles doors and windows?

Pull handles, lift and pull handles, escutcheons and knobs; but also door knockers, and sliding doors rose.

View ACCESSORIES collection here

Made in Italy

At Architectural Design Hardware we have a range of Italian and European door hardware for the home and office connoisseur. At ADH we pride ourselves on quality products, knowledge, and an eye for detail. We can create a door schedule, suggest options, and offer advice. The decision will always be yours.

Your are welcome to visit our showroom and view our Manital collection and discuss hardware needs, or view online here

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