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MANDELLI1953 Italian Window Handles

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Window handles are just a s crucial as door handles. For those of you who have large balcony, patio window opening situations, suitable window handles are a must.

One of the many advantages of Italian Made window furniture is their inventiveness to create window hardware unique in design and function. The Mandelli1953 range of window hardware is unique in style and functional in reality. Something worth considering when designing patio or balcony entry openings.

Using narrow styles requires narrow rose style handles. Mandelli1953 offer a range of window handles with narrow style roses to suit most needs.

Worth noting: All these handles can be used on narrow aluminum or wood styled glass doors.

MANDELLI1953 Italian Window Handles

At Architectural Design Hardware you can view the Mandelli1953 Product Collection in our showroom.

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