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Mandelli Made in Italy

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

When looking for quality door handles with a touch of class, the Mandelli range can not be beaten. The Elegance of Mandelli has been designing and manufacturing brass handles for over sixty years. They embody excellent quality, creativity and continuous research into the manufacture of highly reliable and aesthetically pleasing items made entirely in Italy.

When an object is beautiful, everyone wants to have it. This is why MANDELLI pays utmost attention to the aesthetics of its brass products.

The Contemporary Collection

A sample of their range. See their full range here

A collection of handles designed to be interpreted in the spirit of the most modern trends in furnishing styles, in an irresistible mix of amazing creativity and functional rigor.

Creations are never by chance but are born out of meticulous research, to offer design handles to minimalists, contemporary handles to pragmatists, classic handles to traditionalists and country handles to naturalists.

Classic Collection

A sample of their range. See their full range here

Everlasting taste provided by the tradition, combined with artisanal heritage, ensures these handles are in perfect harmony with spaces that evoke timeless memories, reinterpreting the past in a contemporary aesthetic.

DESIGN, CONTEMPORARY, CLASSIC and TUSCANY are the four MANDELLI1953 collections of handles with round roses, handles with square rose or recessed handles.

Finishes can be gold, satin gold, chrome, satin chrome, matt satin nickel, satin nickel, matt black, burnished antique, sculpture bronze, matt burnished, burnished, French gold, 24 k gold and old silver.

Quality for MANDELLI1953, besides the undisputable technological characteristics of its products, refers to a series of actions, a code of conduct, a mixture of stubbornness, strategy, patience and passion for details, an uncompromising attention to a well manufactured product, even where it is not visible to the eye, a wise planning of investments and confident expectation of results.

From the choice of the brass, which is of the highest quality and wholly Italian, through to the packaging of the finished handles, the whole of the production process is characterised by great care and attention to detail, there in the Brianza district of Italy.

All the finishing and control processes that precede packaging are performed with care and dedication that Italians know how to give.

Made in Italy

All their handles are made in their own factory using only certified Italian brass. This is forged, turned, die cast, ground, vibrated, polished and satin-finished on the premises, as well as being treated with galvanising, metalizing (PVD) and varnishing processes.

Mandelli Quality

As with all MANDELLI1953 handles the mechanism is entirely made up of metal components. The moving parts have a special nickel coating that creates a uniform friction-free layer that is resistant to wear and corrosion.

The Mandelli Extra Choice

Can an already excellent material be improved?

The MANDELLI1953 Research and Development Center is convinced.

This is why the FLUXCOATING VITRIFIED system was developed. A coating capable of improving the aesthetic qualities of brass and keeping them unchanged over time.

The result is an unparalleled resistance to atmospheric agents, impacts and abrasions.

A further treatment applicable to MANDELLI1953 products is the PVD coating which has excellent results in terms of resistance to abrasion, corrosion and color resistance over time, even in outdoor and public environments.

The PVD treatment is available for models marked with the dedicated symbol, only on the rosette / escutcheon and DK versions.

MANDELLI1953 brands each product with the logo “100% MADE IN ITALY”, in accordance with art. 16 of Decree Law 135 of September 25, 2009.

The choice is yours...

If Mandelli1953 door handles are on your bucket list for your new home or upgrade, why not visit our showroom for selection and assistance, or view our links here to see the full range of door handles at your leisure over a coffee.

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