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Locking French Double Doors

Double Doors also referred to as French Doors are two doors covering an entry point. One door is usually a functional locking door while the other is a functional dummy door. The term 'French Doors' sounds so much more enticing so I shall refer to French doors that much more.

French doors are a type of hinged door that consists of two doors that open away from each other. French doors are typically made of glass and are designed to allow light and air to flow into a room while also providing access. They are commonly used as entry or patio doors and are popular for their elegant and timeless look.

French doors typically have hinges on either side and are hung within a door frame, allowing them to swing open and closed. They can be opened from the center or from one side, depending on the design. French doors are typically made of wood, fiberglass, or vinyl and can be finished in a variety of colors and styles to match the architectural style of the home.

French doors typically don't have a center post, and instead, they are hinged on either side to the door frame. This can make it easier to open and close them, but it can also present security challenges.

If only secured to each other, French doors can be vulnerable to forced entry. To improve security, it is recommended to install a lock or latch on each door, as well as add additional security measures such as a deadbolt, security bars, or smart locks. It is also important to make sure the hinges are secure and to reinforce the door frame.

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Double doors can offer several benefits and drawbacks


  1. Increased accessibility: Double doors make it easier to move furniture, equipment or other large items into and out of a space.

  2. Improved flow: Double doors can help create a more open, flowing feel to a room or building.

  3. Enhanced aesthetic: Double doors can add architectural interest and a more upscale look to a space.


  1. Cost: Double doors tend to be more expensive than single doors due to the extra materials and hardware required.

  2. Space: Double doors can take up more room than a single door, especially when open.

  3. Maintenance: Double doors have more parts and moving components, which can increase the need for maintenance and repairs.

  4. Security: Double doors can present more opportunities for unauthorized entry if not properly secured.

Best way to secure double doors

  1. Install deadbolts on both doors

  2. Reinforce door frames

  3. Use security bars or braces

  4. Install door viewers or peepholes

  5. Add door alarms or smart locks

  6. Improve outdoor lighting

  7. Consider adding a security system

  8. Trim bushes near doors to eliminate hiding places.

How to lock double doors

  1. Use a deadbolt lock on both doors

  2. Install a locking bar or brace on the inactive door

  3. Install a chain lock on the active door

  4. Use a smart lock that can lock both doors remotely

  5. Install a slide bolt or surface-mounted lock on the inactive door.

Multi point locking system for double doors

A multi-point locking system is a locking mechanism that engages multiple points along the length of the door to provide increased security. For double doors, some options include:

  1. Multi-point lock hardware that operates both doors with one key

  2. Deadbolts or latchbolts at the top and bottom of both doors

  3. A mortise lock that operates both doors

  4. Interlocking bolts between both doors

  5. A locking mechanism that connects both doors at the meeting rail.

CISA Brand Multi-point Locks

CISA is a brand that specializes in multi-point locks for doors, including for French doors.

CISA multi-point locks are designed to provide increased security for doors by engaging multiple locking points along the length of the door. These locks typically offer a high level of resistance to forced entry, making them a popular choice for residential and commercial properties.

CISA's multi-point locks are available in a variety of styles, finishes, and sizes to accommodate different types of doors and security needs. Some of the features offered by CISA multi-point locks include adjustable rollers, reversible latch, and multiple hook configurations.

Double doors can provide several benefits and drawbacks


  1. Increased accessibility - easier to move large objects through a wider opening.

  2. Improved ventilation and natural light.

  3. Adds a aesthetic touch to a building's entrance.


  1. Can be difficult to secure both doors simultaneously.

  2. May require more space for opening both doors at once.

  3. Higher cost compared to single doors.

  4. Potential for air infiltration if not properly sealed.

Overall, the choice of double doors versus single doors is dependent on the specific needs and design considerations of a building or structure.

French Door and Double Door Security Bolts

French door security bolts are devices designed to add extra security to French doors by securing the doors to the door frame or to each other. Some options include:

  1. Surface-mounted bolts: These bolts attach to the surface of the door and can be manually operated to secure the door in place.

  2. Slide bolts: Similar to surface-mounted bolts, slide bolts are mounted on the inside of the door and slide into a socket in the door frame to secure the door.

  3. Deadbolts: Deadbolts are locks that are installed into the door and door frame to provide added security.

  4. Interlocking bolts: These bolts connect both doors together, making it more difficult for an intruder to separate the doors and gain entry.

  5. Security bars: These are metal bars that can be installed on the outside of the doors to prevent them from being opened from the outside.

  6. Smart locks: These are electronic locks that can be controlled using a smartphone app or a keypad, offering added security and convenience.

How to secure double doors with glass

Double doors with glass can present additional security challenges, as the glass may be vulnerable to breaking. Here are some ways to secure double doors with glass:

  1. Install tempered or laminated glass: Tempered glass is stronger and more resistant to breaking than regular glass, while laminated glass is made of multiple layers of glass that can help prevent shattering if broken.

  2. Add security film: This is a clear film that can be applied to the glass to make it stronger and more resistant to breakage.

  3. Install metal bars or grates: These can be installed on the outside of the doors to provide a barrier between the glass and potential intruders.

  4. Use security mesh or wire: This can be installed on the inside of the doors to help prevent the glass from shattering if broken.

  5. Add a deadbolt or latch: Installing a deadbolt or latch can help prevent the doors from being pried open.

  6. Consider smart locks or alarms: Electronic locks and door alarms can provide added security and alert you if someone is attempting to break in.

It is important to note that while these measures can improve the security of double doors with glass, it is still important to regularly inspect the doors and glass for any signs of wear or damage and make repairs as needed.


Architectural Design Hardware can provide security for French doors. There are various types of hardware and security devices that can be used to enhance the security of French doors, including:

  1. Locks: French doors can be fitted with locks such as deadbolts, latch bolts, or multi-point locks to prevent unauthorized entry.

  2. Hinges: Strong, durable hinges can be installed to prevent the doors from being pried open.

  3. Reinforced frames: Reinforcing the door frame can make it more difficult for intruders to break into the home through the French doors.

  4. Bars or grilles: Installing security bars or grilles on the outside of the doors can prevent them from being forced open.

  5. Smart locks: Electronic locks can be controlled using a smartphone app or a keypad and can provide added security and convenience.

Architectural Design Hardware can provide a wide range of security options for French doors, and a professional can help you select the best hardware for your specific security needs.

Come visit our showroom at Architectural Design Hardware and discuss your needs with our consultants. Our showroom is open.

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