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IVER Door Handle Range

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

As a whole the Iver collection successfully combines style, function and quality allowing you to impart personal meaning to the touch points in your home. Every door has meaning and purpose with style and functionality.

Iver door handles are forged from high quality solid brass and available in a range of finishes, these IVER door levers will impart personal style and meaning to the touch points in your home.

Explore Iver’s collection of door levers at Architectural Design Hardware's showroom.

Iver Door Handles


Door Handle

The Baltimore blends contemporary lines with minimalist aesthetic to deliver a product to suit any home.

Designed for versatility, the Baltimore is as comfortable as a statement piece as it is a complement to the style of your home.

The Baltimore is a sleek and timeless choice.



Door Handle

The Sarlat takes inspiration from French Provincial design to provide a distinct and classic profile.

As comfortable in a modern Hamptons home as a classic

French-style abode, the Sarlat is a blend of modern beauty and timeless appeal.



Door Handle

Inspired by traditional French provincial design, the Annecy pays homage to its namesake, while providing a universal refined choice for the discerning designer.

A classic design: the beauty of this solid brass, forged lever is not confined to trends and will stand the test of time.



Door Handle

Paying homage to the rich design history of northern Italy, the Verona is refined and elegant.

As trends come and go, this classically designed range will stand the test of time; providing a touch of prestige to your home for years to come.



Door Handle

With its flowing lines and subtle curve, the Oxford lever offers reassurance with every turn.

This versatile lever will complement a range of settings.

Perfect for a new extension on an older home or light, minimal spaces, the Oxford blends various design influences to suit classic and modern homes.



Door Handle

The Oslo lever is both fire-rated to 2 hours and DDA compliant, making it the perfect option for any commercial project.

Available in Iver's full range of finishes and complementing other Iver products and accessories.



Door Handle

Engaging and distinct, the Helsinki takes inspiration from clean lines and the simplicity of geometric shapes.

The Helsinki adds a bold statement to a neutral space and sits comfortably amongst contemporary-minimalist projects.



Door Handle

The Osaka lever combines rounded and flat forms with distinct edging to create a truly contemporary piece.

Understated and chic, the Osaka complements daring spaces and minimalist design through its simple shape and beauty.



Door Handle

The Baltimore Return lever features sleek lines and is both fire-rated to 2 hours and DDA compliant, making it the perfect option for any commercial project.

Available in selected finishes and complementing the Baltimore range of products.



Door Handle

Inspired by the delicacy and glamour of Victorian era design, the Stirling adds an element of prestige to any space.

The design features fluid lines and simple flair, with this timeless piece bringing you daily moments of elegance throughout your home.



Door Handle

The refined style of the Copenhagen lever embodies 20th Century European design, with its elegant style and sophisticated diamond-like appearance.

This stunning lever has versatile application, easily adapting to any space and commanding attention in each one.

Pair with a contemporary project for a glamorous element or complement traditional furnishings in a classic space.



Door Handle

Iver’s distinct range of available finishes are created using diverse methods, from delicate hand-aging to leading-edge plating techniques, resulting in aesthetically beautiful and durable finishes for a wide range of interior styles.

NOT all finishes are available. Please check selection before purchase.

Polsh Brass

Brushed Brass

Signature Brass

Matt Black

Polished Chrome

Brushed Chrome

Polished Nickle

Distressed Nickle

Satin Nickle

At Architectural Design Hardware we endeavor to provide you with the choices and designs available. Please, visit our showroom to experience door handles and the wide selection available.

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