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Is it Time to Replace Your Front Door

A home’s entry door is the first impression that speaks volumes about your style, your attention to detail, and how you live. It welcomes friends in. It keeps intruders and inclement weather out. Your front door says so much about you and your home before it’s even opened.

The time to replace your front door is when it starts to look shabby. Scratches and chips do not make a door attractive. Visible cracks are signs of ageing. When the wind blows inside and water floods the entry, it’s time. When you need to open the door with a team of rugby players. When the style is well, old! The time is just around the corner. So what can you do?

When it comes to features that add valuable curb appeal to your home, there’s no better place to start than your front door. Change is good, especially if it makes your home more inviting, more energy efficient, and more secure. So, now’s a good time to take a close look at your front door (inside and out) and consider a door update investment.

It May Be Time to Replace Your Front Door.

Door Scratches and Chips

Your front door does take a beating over the years. From children to adults and furniture in and out the front door has its share of ill treatment.

This is the point of entry for every piece of furniture you’ve moved in or out, not to mention appliances and boisterous kids.

If you have chips or damaged surface area or scratches on your front door, it may have put a dent into its structural integrity also and the energy efficiency it provides for your home.

Cracks in the Door

Traditional wood doors are attractive and classical. Over time they take on moisture, wear and tear. Don’t ignore the occasional kick to open them. Wood front doors can develop cracks along the edges. Often cracks will appear within the panel design. These cracks may be hard to see. A closer examination can reveal minor cracks. These can develop into more major issues if left untreated.

A major issue that will plague wooden doors is moisture. Wood absorbs moisture. A front door is subject to the environment. A door that hasn’t been properly sealed on a regular basis is susceptible to taking on moisture. You can check for moisture damage in a wood door. Press on any darkened areas in the wood using a flat-head screwdriver. You are looking for soft spots.

Check carefully the bottom of the door. Signs of swelling or rot are indication of water damage. Bubbles in the paint are a good indicator of water intrusion. If in doubt, you can purchase a device called a moisture meter that will provide a reading of how much moisture there is in your front door. Here is a Bunnings link to a moisture meter as an example.

Drafts and leaks

Bottom door drop seals and threshold seals when fitted correctly will prevent air and water coming in. However, if not fitted correctly or when the wood door has warped water and air will enter. If you are wondering if your front door is letting in outside air, stand inside of your home, with the door closed to see if you feel a draft coming through. Don’t have time to wait? With a hose on the outside, and door closed, wash down the door particularly at the bottom. Now open the door and examine the floor. Has water got in on the floor?

Drafts are a costly problem. They’re not just letting hot or cold air in your home, they’re letting your expensive air conditioning and heat escape. Water is moisture in disguise and not only is it getting in but it will also affect door and door frame.

If the door is damaged, you need to replace it. If the cause is from bottom seals you will need to replace or remove them. Threshold and seals can be adjusted to some degree. If not, or if the problem lies in the door frame, it may be time to have a professional replace the door and frame.

Moisture in your entry door windows

Having a front door with glass or window inserts adds beauty and sunlight to your home interior. If you’ve been noticing moisture between the double panes in form of condensation and fog, it’s sign that the seal on the window is compromised, and your door should be replaced.

If the glass chatters when the wind blows, its time to have them refitted and sealed.

Doors That Are Difficult to Close or Lock

This is the big one! Having to force your front door open is not the most serene way to enter your home. If you have to wrestle your front door open, or close, or if you have difficultly locking the door or dead bolt, you have a problem.

It could be due to warping, swelling, your house settling over time, loose door hinges, or it could be that the door frame is out of alignment, meaning the door’s locks don’t align with the door jamb. Unless you’re handy with tools, the door may need to be replaced by a professional.

Keep in mind a cheap wood door is also most likely to absorb moisture more quickly than a quality wood door. A door with moisture swells in winter making the door more difficult to open and close. In summer the water evaporates and the door becomes functional again. You can of course shave more off the door in winter. However a shaved door is going to be looser in the summer and not seal correctly.

Your Front Door is Old Style

There are ways to dress up your home’s existing front door. New paint or even door hardware will alter the appearance. But if the door’s shape or style is ageing or does not compliment the style of the house, a new pleasing style front door is needed? Know that replacing your ageing entry door is a cost-efficient, energy-efficient solution.

There are so many to entry doors to choose from. Traditional wood grain entry doors, through to sleek modern entry doors. A variety of panel designs, some with decorative glass and windows. Whatever style of front door you choose for your house, keep in mind the architectural style of your home. You don’t want to clash with selecting a brightly colored modern front door on a modern style home.

Chose wisely. This is the time to get exactly what you want for your home’s first impression.


Once you make the decision to replace your front door, you need to choose the material that is best for you and your home. Quality solid wooden doors are a smart solution. But be wary of cheap wood doors. For more sunlight, you can opt for glass doors or even aluminum glass doors. It is best to keep with like for like. So replace wood with wood.

You can change the front entry door from wood to glass if that is your desire. You need to consult a qualified builder for this task. There will be alterations and expenses. You will need new door hardware.

Existing hardware for like to like will fit the new nicely. If you feel you need to change the door hardware, I can suggest taking a browse in our showroom at Architectural Design Hardware. We have much to see. We can help you select the best door hardware for your new door.

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