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Hinge Requirement for Toilet

Toilet Door Hinge Requirement

Toilet Door Australian building law requires that in an emergency, the toilet door can be removed by someone on the outside.

For example, in most cases, toilet doors must open outwards, slide, or be readily removable from the outside of the compartment. This requirement only applies if the space between the toilet pan and the door is less than 1200mm.

An inward swinging toilet door with lift-off hinges will typically have a gap between the top of the door and the underside of the head of the door frame. This is to allow sufficient movement upward so the pin in the door hinges can slip out of the hinge-blades screwed to the side of the door frame or style.

A suitable door latch should allow the door to be lifted upward and away even if it is in a locked position.

Lift-off hinges are a type of hinge made up of two parts which allow door removal without the need to open the door. The use of lift-off hinges are the most common building solution used for access into fully enclosed sanitary compartments. This National Construction Code states mandatory requirements where a sanitary compartment is not considered large enough to allow safe removal of an unconscious occupant within a sanitary compartment.

The current National Construction Code requirements (2015) for construction of sanitary compartments states the following:

Clause Construction of sanitary compartments

The door to a fully enclosed sanitary compartment must

(a) open outwards; or

(b) slide; or

(c) be readily removable from the outside of the compartment, unless there is a clear space of at least 1.2 m, measured in accordance with the closet pan within the sanitary compartment and the doorway.

A sanitary compartment is stated as any room or space that contains a closet pan or a urinal.

If the enclosure has gaps that are large enough to allow access for a person into the sanitary compartment, the compartment is not considered enclosed for the purpose of this clause.


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