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Floor Spring Door Closer DormaKaba

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Whether for private homes or contemporary office buildings, door closer systems from dormakaba are intelligent, integrated access solutions that combine consistency, convenience, design and premium quality.

Need a door closer? If you need a door closer, you will need to know a few details. Not all door closers are the same. There are differences for specific needs, weights, and locations. Most important is what will the door in question be used for.

  • Is it a Fire Door Exit?

  • Is it for residential?

  • Is it for disabled access?

  • Is it for old and frail people?

  • Is it for high traffic areas?

  • Is it subjected to the elements?

  • How heavy is the door?

  • How wide is the door?

These questions and more are important and will help select the best door closer for your use.

We could sell you a door closer (with our eyes closed) or we could help you select the right door closer for the purpose it is intended for. We will ask you the questions. You can raise your own questions.

At Architectural Design Hardware we will help you find the right direction. Our showroom is open.

The wide-ranging product portfolio satisfies a broad spectrum of functional requirements and thus offers solutions for almost any individual door situation.

EN Ratings - choosing your door closer

Door Closers are rated by opening/closing force "Size". The Size ratings are from EN1 to EN6, with Size EN1 the weakest strength and Size EN6 the strongest. EN1 is also suitable for disabled door applications.

  • Size #1 = 0.45 of a kilogram closing force, minimum

  • Size #2 = 0.9 of a kilogram closing force, minimum ~standard door width ≤ 850 mm

  • Size #3 = 1.36 of a kilogram closing force, minimum ~standard door width ≤ 950 mm

  • Size #4 = 1.81 of a kilogram closing force, minimum ~standard door width ≤ 1100 mm

  • Size #5 = 2.26 of a kilogram closing force, minimum ~standard door width ≤ 1600 mm

  • Size #6 = 2.72 of a kilogram closing force, minimum ~standard door width ≤ 1600 mm

Many popular door closers have an adjustable open/close or latch speed setting. Example: If a door closer is listed with a open/close or latch speed of 3-6 then it is adjustable through the Power range of EN3 (1.36 kg of force) to EN6 (2.72 kg of force).

The DormaKaba Door Closer Collection

Dorma BTS 80 System Floor Spring

As a universal floor spring, the BTS 80 has been designed to meet the requirements of doors of all types. With its many individually combinable extras, it is able to satisfy almost every application requirement. Once installed below floor level, the mechanism is almost completely concealed from view.


Dorma BTS 75 V Floor Spring

The Dorma BTS 75 V is a highly adaptable floor spring suitable for all standard single, and double action doors with widths up to 1100 mm and 120kg door weight. This floor spring is enhanced by it's adjustable closing force of EN 1-4 individually regulated by means of an adjustment bolt.


Dorma BTS 84 Floor Spring

The BTS 84 is a double-action floor spring which has been specially developed for the aluminum and toughened glass door industries. The BTS 84 has many of the features of the other Dorma BTS closers with the addition of reduced depth and an array of accessories designed for the aluminum door fabricator and toughened glass door manufacturer.

EN 2 EN 3 EN 4

Dorma BTS Accessories

Comprehensive range of accessories for use with a wide variety of door constructions and floor coverings.

  • Suitable for single action and double action door types

  • For use on flush-closing and rebated doors and butt hung door types

  • Choose according to door construction: Steel, aluminium, timber and glass

  • Broad range: door straps, top centres, pivot bearings and spindle inserts.

Top Concealed Door Closer

Dorma RTS 85 door closer

The Dorma RTS 85 transom concealed door closer offers a solution for installations where door control must be provided without disturbing the aesthetic appearance of the door. Complete with the choice of three spring strength sizes, hold open and non hold open variants, back check function and our wide range of accessories makes the RTS 85 the perfect choice for shop fronts, office partitions and frameless glass door applications.

EN 3 EN 4 EN 5

ITS 96 Door Closer

The ITS 96 door closer is designed for concealed installation in the door leaf and frame. Suitable for almost every type of door, it offers a wide variety of functions for both single or double doors and flexibility combined with a high level of quality. Further the ITS96 features the proven dormakaba heart-shaped cam technology which ensures exceptional ease of opening. A perfect choice for hotels, apartment entries, office partitions and detention applications.

EN 2–4 EN 3–6

Dorma RMZ Smoke Detector

The RMZ smoke detector in the Contur design supplies connected hold-open devices with 24 V DC voltage. In the event of smoke detection or an alarm, it trips the devices, thus releasing the door to close under spring power. Connections for further smoke detectors, as well as for external manual release and a floating change-over contact are also available.

Dorma EM Series Hold-Open Magnets

Dorma’s range of EM hold-open magnets provides the perfect complement to a technically and aesthetically advanced range of fire and smoke check door products. This series of magnets and receiver plates are characterised by their ease of fixing and functional elegance.

Door Coordinators & Overhead Door Stay

Door Selectors

Sequence selectors are designed for use on double doors with rebated meeting stiles, overlapping seals or latch mechanisms that require the door leaves to close in the correct sequence.

Door Limiter Stay

The dormakaba overhead door stay has been designed to be used in applications where a traditional door stop/holder is either inappropriate or impractical.


You can view more DormaKaba products on our website here


Finishes Most door closers will be of a silver matt finish. They can however be painted to your desired color. Matt black is popular as is white. DOOR WEIGHT Calculation: Door Weight (kg) = Density (Specific Gravity) X Door Height (mm) X Door Width (mm) X Door Thickness (mm) ÷ 1,000,000 or you can try this calculator here Depending on the materials used, the weight results may differ.


At Architectural Design Hardware we offer a number of brand name door closers. If you have specific needs please consult our sales staff who can offer information and technical advice either in-house or with a specific brand representative. You will find more door closer products on our web page here and articles here

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