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What is an Escutcheon

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

What is an escutcheon?

An escutcheon is a metal plate that surrounds a key hole. Found on doors, chest, cupboards, and lockable devices. It is a rose to keep the aesthetics of the feature.

They are used to cover up the surrounds of the hole made for a lock cylinder. You will have one on you front entry door and other doors with locks.

Escutcheons come in a range of finishes.

Over time the escutcheon becomes scratched, damaged from use.

There are may shapes for an escutcheon. Round, square, oval, rectangular, and fancy.

Escutcheon usually live in pairs. One on the front of a door, the other on the inside of the door.

  • Euro Forged Round

  • Euro Sheet Brass

  • Pressed Escutcheon Old Key

  • Covered Escutcheon Old Key

  • Cast Iron Old Key

If you are looking to replace your existing escutcheons you will need to bring a sample, or image with measurement to our showroom.

Escutcheon removal Escutecheons are ususally fixed to the door with screws, face fixed, or concealed screw fix. Take out the screws to remove the escutcheon from the door.

You will need to ensure the new escutcheons covers any existing screw holes. It will look unsightly if the old screw holes are visible after replacing your escutcheons.

The shape of the cyclinder defines the escutcheon key hole design. Cylinders (key barrels) come in different shapes. A euro is the shape of a well fed skelleton head. Old key style is the shape of an underfed skelleton head. Oval shape cylinder is an oval shape. Some escutcheons are incorporated into the door handle plate. Escutcheon size

Escutcheons will come in various sizes. They may be flat escutcheons which measure 1mm+ thickness. Most modern escutcheons will be 9-10mm thick.

Their overall dimension will vary greatly depending on the shape. Round escutcheons can measure a diameter from say around 25mm to 55mm and in some cases they may be larger (perhaps covering door damage).

Whatever the scenario, there will be an escutcheon to suit your needs. Architectural An escutcheon is an architectural item that surrounds a keyhole or lock cylinder, and is often part of a lockset. Escutcheons help to protect a lock cylinder from being snapped, and to protect the surrounding area from damage and wear from the end of the key when it misses the keyhole. Friday night blues . Old style escutcheons also known as key hole covers come in pairs with a plain one to go on the outside of the door while the matching escutcheon inside has a rotating cover to prevent prying eyes. The cover also prevents insects and dust from getting into the house/room. Escutcheon is an Old Norman word derived from the Latin word scutum, meaning a shield. The escutcheon is used to bridge the gap between the outside diameter of the cylinder and the inside diameter of the opening in said surface. Keeping the finished item neat.

If you are interested in replacing your old worn scratched escutcheons why not send us an email with image or contact us by phone on (08) 9242 4166 at Architectural Design Hardware.

Old solid brass escutcheons may be able to be refurbished if in reasonable condition.

Why not ask.

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