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Door Handles from Formani at Architectural Design Hardware

With 14 unique hardware design series, each series forming a complete concept. Door hardware, window hardware, cabinet hardware, and more accessories. , Formani embrace the design and bring together the entire door hardware concept.

Formani door handles are worldwide. They have a huge variety of interior settings and architecture. Found in beautiful homes and business and hospitality projects. Be inspired and discover the power of these details.

All Formani designers have a unique style. They share a passion for design, an eye for detail. Complemented by high standards of quality and craftsmanship.

You will find Formani presented in our Architectural Design Hardware showroom for you to admire, and experience.

The Formani Door Handle Collection


The ONE series consists of door, window, and furniture fittings and is complemented by bathroom accessories such as soap dispensers and toilet brush holders, which serve to enrich spaces and create a harmonious whole.

Simplicity is the essence of the design of the iconic ONE hardware by Piet Boon, with the cylindrical volume forming its core. The clean lines and high-quality finish embody beauty and refinement, forming a coherent, elegant whole. It’s safe to say that the ONE series has developed into a true icon in the world of door handles and interior design.


The Formani INC door handle has won the Red Dot Design Award 2019 in the ‘Product Design’ category. The Jury commented that ‘the ingenious design of the INC door handle blends a flowing yet powerful design vocabulary with pleasing haptic properties’. The winning INC door handle is part of the total concept collection consisting of door, window, and furniture fittings alongside other accessories. The INC series is available in two finishes, including the latest PVD satin black and satin stainless steel.

Smooth curves and an excellent grip is what characterises our INC hardware series by Piet Boon. Starting out as a circular cylinder volume, the INC took shape after flattening the circle and tapering the end. This provides the handle with a smooth inclination, to which the INC is named.


This complex, hand-made product is testament to many hours of hard work and dedication. The result is a truly stunning, unique design which is offered in three different expressions. First is the combination of stainless steel with natural oak; second is the line made from stainless steel and blackened oak; and third is the 100% stainless steel line. The TWO series is a comprehensive total concept collection, consisting of door, window and furniture fittings.

While the design of the TWO hardware series by Piet Boon may exude simplicity, it is in fact one of the most sophisticated products in the FORMANI collection. The intersection of the lever consists of two symmetrical parts that join in the middle of two separate arteries. Two out of three finishing combinations are with oak. The assembly of these fittings is completed with essential handwork that sees every piece of wood milled independently and fitted together with the stainless parts, like the pieces of an intricate puzzle.


Following clean lines and geometric shapes, the ARC hardware series by Piet Boon is defined by its no-nonsense appeal. The unique silhouette arose by dividing a cylinder volume exactly in half, which gives the ARC its characteristic flat side and a side characterized by an arc – after which the ARC is named.

The ARC door handle has won the German Design Award 2020 in the ‘Excellent product design’ category. The Jury commented that ‘the semi-gloss surface emphasizes the shapely, timelessly elegant design of the door handle. At the same time, it creates a very high-quality appearance and appeals to the touch.

The ARC series is a total concept collection consisting of door, window, and furniture fittings alongside other accessories, is available in satin stainless steel and PVD satin black, making it suitable for any interior design.


The unique characteristics of the design received an honorable mention during the German Design Awards, one of the most prestigious design contests. TENSE by Bertram Beerbaum is a total concept collection including door, window, and furniture fittings and is available in the colours stainless steel, satin black, and bronze.

Designed by Bertram Beerbaum, the TENSE hardware series is guided by a clean aesthetic that is as robust as it is chic. Every design in the series is unique while at the same time bearing the unmistakable TENSE signature. The core of every design is the cylindrical neck to which each rectangular lever is connected in its own unique way. This is thanks to our extreme high precision welding technique, which forms a secure joint between two very different shapes.


The CONE door handle has won the 2021 Red Dot Design Award in the ‘Product Design’ category. The Jury commented: ‘The design of the CONE door handle combines strictly minimalist design with sophisticated manufacturing quality to produce an expressive unit’. The winning CONE door handle is part of the total concept collection consisting of door, window, and furniture fittings as well as accessories. The CONE series is available in two finishes: the latest PVD satin black and satin stainless steel.

The CONE door handle, inspired by the handle on a safe, is characterized by its elegance and timeless aesthetic. The neck of the door handle is tapered, resulting in its characteristic conical shape. The rosette-less design also creates the allusion of a floating door handle. The door handle is manufactured as one piece, making it a technical masterpiece, especially with the extremely high-standard finish applied. The seamless design imbues a space with a sense of tranquillity while substantially enhancing the overall aesthetics.


Each product of the series is made of solid materials and is manually tested for 100% straightness using a variety of tools and templates. Square has to be square, after all. This well-established series is the most comprehensive total concept range – including door, window and furniture fittings - featuring the largest number of products. One can recognize a Jan des Bouvrie by the smooth lines that emphasize the major elements of the door handle and complete the design.

The SQUARE series minimalistic design is a eulogy to the perfection of square and rectangular shapes. While the series is simplistic, its finer details are what make it truly unique. All the products have a bold and well-defined look, but their chamfered edges make them wonderfully tactile. The late Jan des Bouvrie, founding father of Dutch design, contributed to the series and imparted the final touches by adding smooth lines to the SQUARE design, accentuating the major elements.


The BOSCO series is a comprehensive total concept collection consisting of door, window, and furniture fittings as well as a wide range of accessories. The basic finishes consist of satin stainless steel, polished stainless steel, or unlacquered brass with a handle in satin black or carrara marble.

The BOSCO hardware series by Lázaro Rosa-Violán ‘opens doors from the past that lead to the future’. This quote defines the design formula applied to the BOSCO series by FORMANI®: classic design with a functional, modern look. These door handles are in every respect inspired by the famous historic knives that combined traditional stainless steel with black handles and which were an integral part of households in Europe for decades. The shape of the design consists of a cylindrical form connected to the handle of the lever, where the stainless steel is still visible from the upper side.


The NOUR series concerns a comprehensive total concept collection including door, window, and furniture fittings and received a German Design Award thanks to its range of unique characteristics, one of which being its inherent flexibility. The range has a modular structure, so that the grips can be replaced and other colours substituted. This allows for a variety of stunning combinations of polished stainless steel, PVD matt gold, matt black, and matt white, completed with a signature or logo specially designed for FORMANI.

The NOUR series by Edward van Vliet combines an international appeal and aesthetic with excellent ergonomic features. The door handle’s design perfectly fits into the shape of your hand thanks to the streamlined silhouettes. In addition to its excellent ergonomic factor, this special design has drawn on many aesthetic influences from the Far and Middle East.


Traditional handles are composed of three pieces: the rose, the neck, and the lever. This is how the RIBBON door handle differs: these three parts are made out of just one single piece, with a unique bayonet fixation system. RIBBON is a comprehensive total concept collection that brings together door handles, window handles, pull handles, cabinet fittings, and other accessories.

A single piece featuring clean lines, welded together as one whole, defines the design of the RIBBON hardware series by Bob Manders. The unique design is based on the architectural style ‘Ribbon’, to which the series owes its name, where walls, floors, and roofs join to form a single, self-supporting yet interlinked structure. This results in an unbroken sense of movement and momentum as the areas flow into one another. That same principle can also be observed in the hardware series.


The FOLD’s single-piece handle is the first of its kind and the reason the design is considered a masterpiece – it came as no surprise when it received the Red Dot Design Award. The jury said that ‘it is not only the technical concept of this door handle that is innovative, but also the implementation of the design down to the last ingenious detail. The FOLD series is a total concept collection consisting of door, window, and furniture fittings and is available in the colour satin stainless steel.

The FOLD series by Tord Boontje differs fundamentally from traditional models in the way it innovatively blends the classic components of a door fitting – rosette, neck, and handle – into one single element. This is achieved thanks to an astute system with mounting akin to a bayonet system. The result is a door handle that appears to float elegantly on the door.


The designs of the door handles in the TIMELESS collection can be traced back to the period from 1815 to 1950. The models are each named after the year in which they are fashioned. Besides the door handles, the TIMELESS series offers window and cabinet hardware and comprehensive accessories that complete the entire design. Where required, this authentic design is combined with contemporary technology such as SKG safety fittings, spring mecanisms, and special PVD coatings to offer protection in the event of outdoor use.

Authenticity is what defines the TIMELESS hardware series. As the name of the series implies, the comprehensive range has stood the test of time. It compromises products from times gone by that have been given a new lease of life by FORMANI – some of which combined with elements of modern technology and functionality.


The FERROVIA hardware series has been modernized and produced from solid stainless steel (available in a matte or polished finish). It concerns a total concept collection, including door, window and cabinet fittings and is complemented by the usual accessories, which enable one uniform style to be applied to all areas within the home or any other property.

The FERROVIA hardware series is an ode to the railways of the early twentieth century. Having often been used in first-class train carriages, this particular style of door handle is held up as a piece of understated luxury thanks to its elegant shapes, curves, and clean lines. The design is characterized by its spherical shape that connects the lever to its neck. The T-handle was especially popular in train carriage design at the time, and is still a common design feature in many interiors and exteriors.


The EDGY series is a total concept collection consisting of door, window, and furniture fittings and is available in the satin stainless steel and satin black finish.

The EDGY series by Mathieu Bruls is the direct result of a design sketch, which clearly demonstrated that applying pressure to the flat handle would cause the round axis to turn. This design unequivocally counters the misconception that ergonomics can only be achieved by ensuring the contour seamlessly fits into the hand. In contrast, this mismatched shape is wonderfully tactile – a joy to touch. And as is often the case with simplicity, it can be technically very complex. Yet the conundrum is to truly understand what you see before you. EDGY embodies the words of its designer. No less, no more – just the right balance.


The BASICS series consists of door, window, and furniture hardware alongside other accessories. The products are produced from stainless steel and are available in a variety of fashionable colours, including satin black, PVD gunmetal, satin gold, copper, and base colours such as matte and polished stainless steel. Some products in this series have an EN1906 class 3 certification.

As a comprehensive total concept collection, the BASICS hardware series brings together various designs that are suitable for any budget. The designs are as understated, simple, and pure as they are luxurious, imparting an exquisite finishing touch to any interior and exterior design. Formani developed this series because they want to share there OBSESSION WITH DETAILS with everyone, regardless of the budget.


Simplicity meets innovation in ECLIPSE by David Rockwell. The iconic silhouette is a cylindrical form with a curved, carved channel—an inflection point that perfectly meets the hand’s grasp. Simple, sculptural tooling offers both a square and round return option for a distinctive profile. The sublime finish creates soft lines that ensure a perfect ergonomic grip. The door handle is manufactured as one piece, allowing the moon-like detailing to continue seamlessly along the entire length of the arm and over the curve to the start of the neck.

The ECLIPSE door handle has won the Red Dot Design Award 2021 in the ‘Product Design’ category. The Jury commented: ‘Ergonomically sophisticated and unconventional in its design, this door handle series proves equally impressive in practice.’ This door handle forms part of the complete ECLIPSE hardware collection, which consists of door fittings, window fittings, furniture fittings, and other accessories. Available in satin stainless steel, PVD satin black, bronze, PVD satin gold.


The design of our BOBBY collection by Eric Kuster combines the elegance of round shapes with clean lines; it is an eye-catching combination in which the various elements are uniquely connected. The rectangular section of the door handle flows subtly, yet powerfully, into a rounded grip that is proportional to the horizontal plate that it is attached to. With every touch, the solid feel of steel transports you to elegance and luxury. The various shapes are simultaneously simple. In combination with the right materials, the BOBBY door handle is the perfect detail to any interior.

The BOBBY collection is a total concept collection consisting of door, window, and furniture fittings alongside other accessories, is available in satin stainless steel, PVD satin black and Bronze making it suitable for any interior design.

View more of the FORMANI Collection series here on our website.


FORMANI has evolved considerably over the last few decades – from a Dutch family business to an internationally renowned designer brand, from door handles to total design concepts, from product development to collaborations with world-class designers. It was an evolution driven by pure ambition and courage. Their motto, ‘Obsessed with details’, epitomizes everything they do, from product to process, from strategy to service. Because it is these details that make the difference between good and perfect. At FORMANI, good is the enemy of great.

An interior design is only truly successful when all the elements are in balance. For this reason, all Formani collections constitute a total concept. Thanks to the unique combination of door fittings, window fittings, furniture fittings, and accessories, the chosen signature or finish is reflected throughout the design project, like a unifying force. Because although doorware may seem like just a small part of the whole, the belief is that these details can make or break a design.

Visit our showroom at Architectural Design Hardware and see for yourself the Formani Series Collection. Have a coffee with Bruno and discuss your hardware needs and desires. You can visit the Formani website here

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