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DnD Classic Italian Door Handles

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Dnd designs and manufactures luxury handles made in Italy. The story of Dnd builds on the age-old dedication to crafts and industry that is widespread in Val Sabbia, in the province of Brescia.

Classic Italian door handle style is what makes DnD Italian Made door handles outstanding. For homes with a Classic feel the DnD range of door handles are a magical portal to a time of beauty and quality.

Over time, the dnd company evolved and focused on developing and increasing production. By specialising in the process and finish of new and different metals. Handles made from zamak and aluminium, also, of course, brass.

dnd door handles are available at Architectural Design Hardware. Many varieties of finish, style, and design. Our showroom is open to visitors.

dnd Classic Door Handle Collection


Dnd technical division



Dnd technical division



Dnd technical division



Dnd technical division



Dnd technical division



Mauro Ronchi



Mauro Ronchi



Mauro Ronchi



Dnd technical division



Mauro Ronchi



Mauro Ronchi


classic due

Dnd technical division



Dnd technical division

The excellence and value of Italian design has always been based on developing, working, finishing and testing in Italy: important steps to ensure quality products.


View more DnD Products on our website here


Architectural Design Hardware is Australia's best supplier and retailer of quality door hardware. Products like door handles, door locks, entrance sets, key security products and more.

We ship our products International and Australia wide. We supply Italian, European, Australian and many known brands. Including Lockwood, Gainsborough, Austyle, Tradco, and so much more!

We offer Italian (Valli&Valli, Mandelli, Manital, Olivari, Colombo and more). Also many European (dnd Martineli, Bellevue, Formani and more) door handles. Including Turnstyle, Zodiac, Designer Doorware, Bouvet, and Chant door handles.

Check out our collections today. There are many many door handles for you to chose from. Door handles should never be a last minute decision. That is why we offer our showroom for consultation and scheduling.

Door handles are an influential aspect of the home. At Architectural Design Hardware we offer you something outstanding. Very functional, and individual for your desires and décor.

We offer all styles, from modern to the more traditional, classical look. Door handles have a huge impact on the character of your home, and will have a lasting effect.

Choose the perfect door handles for your home. Our experienced consultants can offer advice. You decide on the most appropriate choices and finishes.

If you have any questions please contact us today at Architectural Design Hardware.

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