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Digital Door Lock by dormakaba

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

The technical digital age has progressed from the remote TV, remote sound system, remote auto locking, and now is more than ready for the entry to your home.

The dormakaba range of electronic door locks is modern, efficient, and easy to use. The common key can stay in your pocket while you press the button to unlock your door and enter.

No more dropping bags to find your keys. No children running lose while you search for those door keys. The simplicity and effectiveness of electronic door control systems is not new technology.

After all you have been using them on your auto, your TV for a long time now. It's time to modernize your entry door. Also more than suitable for office doors, sheds, garage doors, and a range of other door situations.

At Architectural Design Hardware in our showroom we carry a small display of options for electronic locking systems. Why not visit us today.

A sample of the dormakaba Digital Door Lock range

M5 Series Digital Door Lock

Designed with elegance. Matched with the convenience of the smart features and functions. Whilst not compromising on security, reliability and performance. Giving you the ultimate control of your home security.

The M5 Series comes standard with 2 proximity cards, 2 fobs, 3 keys and BLE connectivity. Extra cards/fobs are available from your local M5 Series distributor.

With the help of step by step voice guided programming. Setting up and maintaining the M5 Series is as simple as entering the Administrator PIN. Follow the voice prompts.

The M5 Series comes supplied with the dormakaba MS2602 Series mortice lock. Providing the highest levels of Australian standard. Both mechanical security and durability (AS4145.2). The M5 Series is the best solution for any digital locking solution.

  • Power input 4 x 1.5V AA Alkaline battery

  • Door thickness 35mm - 50mm

  • Finish and colour: Black with Matt Black rim Black with Brushed Nickle rim

  • Keypad: Illuminated 12 keys

  • Mortice type: Australian style, 60mm backset EN Mortice

  • Card key: 100 Cards/users

  • Card configuration: 2 large cards (RFID cards) 2 small cards (fobs)

  • Pin codes: 10

  • Mechanical key override: 3 keys included

  • Voice guidance in English/Chinese

  • Low battery alarm

  • Break-in and tamper alarm

  • Wrong pin code lockout alarm

  • Passage mode

Rosé Biometric Digital Lever

Leave your keys in your pocket!

The Rosé biometric digital door lock is a smart and innovative door handle. Provides fast and secure access.

Open the door between the garage and the house with your fingerprint or PIN code.

So many uses. Also suited to student accommodation rooms, storerooms, studies, etc.

The solution includes a reliable biometric reader complemented with an electronic keypad.

The Rosé, left or right handed, depending on your door.

The Rosé comes complete with a high quality dormakaba 60mm backset tubular deadlatch.

Greatest security and reliability.

  • Silver - SIL

  • Black - BLK

  • 2 master codes (6 digits)

  • 200 user fingerprint/codes

  • User codes can be 6 to 10 digits

  • Voice guidence menu

  • Recommended for internal doors

  • Non-handed lock

  • Keypad: 6 digit touch keypad

  • Power: 3 AAA alkaline batteries (included)

  • A USB-Type C port is in the end of the outside handle for emergency power supply.

Grange Digital Door Lock - Pull Handle

The Grange will delight you with its in-built features. It's sophisticated design will make a bold statement on your door. Change the way you think about home security and upgrade to a digital entrance pull handle.

The Grange also eliminates issues associated with mechanical keyed locks. It‘s easy to misplace your keys or lock them inside your home. This isn‘t an issue with The Grange.

Perfect for both residential and commercial applications. The Grange offers both security and convenience with keyless entry.

  • Satin Stainless Steel - SSS

  • Black Powder Coat - BLK

  • Integrated keyless entry

  • Can be operated by pin code, fob or mobile phone

  • Bluetooth

  • Anti-bumping high security dormakaba ACE key/cylinder

View more dormakaba Products on our website here


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If you have any questions please contact us today at Architectural Design Hardware.

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