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Choosing the right handle

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Pull Handles are generally the first thing that visitors to your project touch and notice when entering your space be it home, work, hotel or entertainment premises.

Selecting the right handle that meets not only your design needs, but also your budget needs is of utmost importance and can really affect the first impressions that a visitor may have.

Your handle selection as a result tells a lot to your visitor about your premises and of course about you and your character, it can set the mood, expectation or even ambience of what lays ahead.

We offer selections for all sorts of projects including Hotels, Office Fit-outs, Boardrooms, Retail, High Rise, Restaurants as well as many Commercial projects. Not to mention being able to provide the most unique and best suited handle for that special residential project as well.

Material and Finish

Everything from Stainless Steel, Wooden, Stone, Brass, Bronze, Aluminum to ceramic and even leather bound handles, with some of the most exquisite designs available anywhere in the world, sizes ranging from 200mm to 2000mm in length.

Our main focus is being able to offer our customers, the choice of being able to select or specify the perfect handle for their project , no more compromises when it comes to handle choice.

One such business we associate with and offer our customers access to is Push or Pull. You can view their website here

Or you can visit Architectural Design Hardware showroom to discuss your needs and view our displays.

Custom Designs

Push or Pull is an Architectural Door Hardware company that specializes in creating beautiful custom crafted door handles and door hardware. Push or Pull create uniquely designed custom made door handles in Australia that have various stunning designs for both residential and commercial structures.

Push or Pull have a team of skillful and creative designers, who strive to create out-of-the-box artistic creations that go very well with our customers existing building designs. Their team consists not only of interior designers but also of product designers, engineers, and manufacturing experts. With a dynamic combination of people in their service, they provide perfect custom works of art for each client.

Everything they create is custom made for your own individual tastes. From classy front door handles to sleek modern black door handles, to vintage pull handles, they can create a number of different designs for you.

Can’t find what you are looking for? Send us your design / sketch / idea and let us turn it into reality.

From custom door handles for homes, but also to posh hotels, suites, convention centers, and even offices. Everything Push or Pull create is custom made for your own individual tastes.

Over 1000 models and growing

Push or Pull currently offer more than 1000 models & variations with more models constantly being added. Their main focus is being able to offer customers the choice of being able to select or specify the perfect handle for their project, no more compromises when it comes to handle choice.

Some of the features offered:

  • customise your door handles according to your specific measurements

  • customise your door handle according to your specific needs. You can even choose the colour of your choice

  • provide clients with only the best and the highest quality of door handles

  • choose the material and finish

  • add a logo or emblem to the finished product

While you can choose door handles that look great, they might not always be the right design element for your décor. By creating custom made door handles you can achieve the effect that you are looking for.

Business Logo

You may have already seen them being used in posh homes, hotels and business establishments. Door handles and pull handles with a business logo. For businesses, having a door handle with a logo is certainly an excellent idea and a suitable way to promote your business to prospective clients.

Doors and windows are one of the interior elements that can highly impact your interior design.

When it comes to door hardware finishes, there are multitudes of options to choose from. Whether you are looking for designer door handles for your home or office, it is important to choose the best door handle finishes. For most people, it can be difficult to match the door hardware with the rest of the décor.

The Finish

Finish variations can help your door and cabinet hardware stand out. But which are the best finishes for door handles? Here are three finishes that outsell all others.

Timeless Brass Finishes

There’s nothing more elegant than contrasting your transparent glass door with brass finished designer door handles. You will most probably see this design in high end homes.

You can achieve a sophisticated look for your office or business with a brass colored handle.

Brass finishes allow your doors to achieve complete elegance and style. Its durability also permits your door to function effectively. Since this door handle finish is covered but not made of bronze, its smooth texture will without doubt match your home’s interior quality.

Chrome Mirror Finish

Chrome plated finished handles can definitely level up your interior appearance.

With its modern and simplistic style, this door handle finish is perfect for both residential and commercial doors. The elegant chrome finished handle is a perfect match for wide opening doors because of its enormous size and grand design.

Because of the chrome mirror finish and corrosion resistant properties, many prefer it for their kitchens and bathroom door handles. Additionally, this finish is durable and easy to clean.

The Black Look

Matt black finishing is todays obsession.

Matt black is every stylistic designer’s dream color. It can be applied to walls, cars, desks, sofas, and even doors.

The matt black finish can match every person’s lifestyle and artistic preference. The matt black color projects a bossy aura, allowing users to feel empowered just by surrounding themselves with matt black colored display.

The mat black door handle finish is no exception when it comes to nailing your interior design. It gives your office or living room a modern, neat, and commanding appeal.

A Multitude of Finishes

When making your selection, keep in mind factors like your interior door and style of your door. This way, you will be in a better position to choose the right finish that will best complement your space.

There are a multitude of finishes available and variation in finish can differ from one brand to another. That is why it is important you choose reputable brands.

Final word...

Before you go hunting for the perfect door hardware, keep in mind the style of your house. Is it flamboyant, aesthetic, or daring? Do you have a theme?

It is best to have unique door handles that will match the interiors and personality of the house. Choose door furniture that ties to another room, living spaces, and home décor. List down the colors and the finishing touches that may complement your interior. Take photos for reference.

Front Entrance

The front door of your house gives the first impression. For this reason, you should make sure that it is the main focal point on the exterior of your home. Besides the character and style of your door, color gives life and sets out the mood for the entire home.

Handles are the first and last thing that people use to enter room or building, so the significance and role that a humble handle has is more than just opening a door.

There are a lot of options out there and you will be bombarded with many choices. Be prepared.

Come visit Architectural Design Hardware showroom to discuss your needs and view our displays. We are here to assist.

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