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Castella Minimal Cabinet Handles @ Architectural Design Hardware

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

The Castella Minimal Collection is contemporary cool redefined. Seamless luxe, discreet functionality, reductive design and modern lines are all part of the streamlined styles within.

Castella is the home of distinguished architectural hardware. Castella supply beautiful cabinet handles and cabinet knobs to a wide network of manufacturers, distributors, designers and architects across Australia.

You can view the Castella Cabinet Handle collection at our Architectural Design Hardware showroom.

The Castella Minimal Collection

Castella Cabinet Handles


The Ledge cabinet pull is perfect for those who love the discreet look of handleless cabinetry, but need or prefer the functionality of a handle. A popular choice for both residential and commercial projects, the Ledge is available in 5 lengths and five finishes. Finishes:

  • Matt Black

  • Matt White

  • Polished Stainless Steel

  • Satin Stainless Steel

  • Satin Brass

Cabinet handle size: 30mm, 100mm, 200mm, 300mm, 400mm

Castella Cabinet Handles


The Flush kitchen cabinet handle pull range is part of the Minimal Collection. These flush pulls are minimalistic in design, perfect for designs where sometimes less is more. The range features four styles and 5 finishes.

Finish: Antique Brass, Satin Chrome, Polished Chrome, Matt Black, Matt White

Cabinet handle size: 150mm, 145mm, 30mm, 40mm, 39mm, 50mm.

Castella Cabinet Handles


The Micro kitchen cabinet handle is part of the Minimal Collection. With a simple, timeless design, it fits well on any contemporary cabinetry. Available in two sizes and 3 finishes.

Finish: Aluminium, polished chrome & matte black.

Cabinet knobs size: 20mm & 30mm

Castella Cabinet Handles


The Slide kitchen cabinet handle is part of the Minimal Collection. A very contemporary, modern design, this flush pull is simple and so functional. Available in three sizes and 2 finishes.

Finish: Matte Black & Satin Stainless Steel

Cabinet handle size: 200mm, 250mm & 300mm.

Castella Cabinet Handles


The Cube cabinet knob is a playful addition to the Geometric collection, inspired by block symmetry and repetition of pattern. The solid Cube knobs are designed for modern spaces with beautiful angles, and are available in two sizes and finishes.

  • Matt Black

  • Brushed Gold

Castella Cabinet Handles


The Lips kitchen cabinet handle lip pull is part of the Minimal Collection. Its spanish heritage is reflected in the discreet but functional design, making it the perfect choice for those seeking something minimalistic. It is available in 2 lengths and 3 finishes.

Finish: Satin Chrome, Polished Chrome & Brushed Nickel

Cabinet handle size: 160mm & 224mm.

Castella Cabinet Handles


The Forme kitchen cabinet handle pull is part of the Minimal Collection. A simple very minimalistic Italian design makes this handle the perfect choice for those seeking a seamless luxe feel, with discrete funtionality. It is available in 2 lengths and two finishes. Also available is aa 56mm Coat hook in Satin Chrome.

Finish: Satin & Polished Chrome

Cabinet handle size: 128mm & 160mm

You can view the Castella Cabinet Handle range at our Architectural Design Hardware showroom.



Our range of Cabinetware at Architectural Design Hardware

Architectural Design Hardware offers a huge range of Cabinetware. From designer cupboard handles, to kitchen door handles. All forms of custom cabinet knobs, cabinet handles, cabinet pulls, cabinet hardware.

We offer traditional style or classical kitchen. Bathroom Cabinetware with cupboards, and drawers with carved facades. Look at Bouvet, Pittella or Tradco's range for classical looking cupboard handles. Contemporary or modern kitchens with sleek cupboards and fixtures. Look at Castella, Nidus and Zanda for contemporary cabinet hardware.

If you're a cabinet maker looking to create something unique and stylish. Or building a new home or renovating. Then Architectural Design Hardware has a Cabinetware style for you. We also offer years of experience and knowledge. We can help you to decide on the perfect cabinet hardware. You can harmonize with the existing cabinetry.

Talk to us if you would like some help in deciding on the most appealing Cabinetware. You may view more of our Cabinetware range here

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