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French by Bouvet

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Image by Ben Kerckx from Pixabay

Choosing French Bouvet door handles is a very serious business. It's got to reflect your concept of beauty and utility in the home. This very personal decision will be influenced by your tastes, your needs, and possibly even your desires, and it can not be rushed.

Bouvet is very French. It has a long history of French design, style, and craftsmanship. Dedicated to satisfy the needs of its customers from the very beginning, Bouvet has been designing and producing door handles and window handles for more than a century, skillfully combining traditional know-how with highly innovative approaches.

The company Bouvet was founded in France by Mr. Gustave Bouvet in 1884. He established a long tradition of hand-made ornamental hardware for furniture, doors and windows, and as of today, most of the original models still exist.

Download the BOUVET Catalogue here

Bouvet's master forgers and skilled craftsmen personally forge most of the company's famed handles, levers and door knobs, door handles using only an anvil and a hammer, shaping every product from raw molten metal, one piece at a time.

Expertly crafted from the finest natural materials, each item is unique. And as they design all of their own models, they can really be called "Bouvet Originals."

The patterns and finishes from Bouvet's brand can be seen in their many products and collections.

The line LaForge Metal Style by Bouvet includes fine decorative hardware for modern or traditional furniture, door handles, windows, kitchen cabinets and bathrooms.

Bouvet's Metal Style hardware offers a wide range of furniture hardware, including door handle furniture hardware, building hardware hinges, paumelle hinges, strap hinges, furniture pulls, furniture handles, drop handles, fixed handles and accessories.

Bouvet and Bouvet Hardware LeForge Métal Style offer a variety of finishes. Offering custom finishes.

Bouvet is manufactured in France and provides a wide choice of unique and original hardware designs.

Bouvet Hardware Product Features

  • Entrance Handle sets

  • Window Hardware

  • Door Knob & Lever sets

  • Multi Point Sets

  • Cabinet Hardware

  • Escutcheons & Rosettes

  • Sash Locks

  • Gate Latches

  • Cremone Bolts

  • Porcelain

  • Accessory Hardware

  • Brass, Iron, and Hammered

  • Hinges

  • Furniture Hardware

  • Contemporary Hardware

Each piece of Bouvet door handle and cabinet handle hardware is hand crafted in France by skilled craftsmen, ensuring that no two pieces are exactly alike. And the Bouvet line provides a wide selection of unique designs in pursuit of both beauty and originality to satisfy people.

Bouvet employ a process known as case hardening to ensure that their steel goods are resistant to rust. This is important for items intended for out-of-doors use and is also strongly recommended for all other products. Their goods are protected by a five-year warranty, from the day the product is shipped to you.

All Bouvet door handle sets, roses and back plates are available for lever (door handle) latch handles, lever (door handle) lock handles, euro profile door handles and privacy door handles (spindle slot diameter 9 mm). The maximum center-to-center distance of our back plates is specified in the box at the bottom of each page of the catalog.

If the standard characteristics of Bouvet products do not meet your needs, Bouvet may make the necessary adjustments.

All Bouvet products are manufactured to the highest possible standards. In addition, in order to check their endurance, hardness and brightness of their coatings, their resistance to shocks, to fire and rust, to sweat and salt spray, and to ensure adequate safety for people and property, each is subject to rigorous tests and inspections.

All Bouvet items are fully compliant with the standards currently in force in France.

Bouvet take great care in choosing the components Bouvet use (brass and iron) to ensure that Bouvet goods are of consistently high quality. This allows Bouvet to continue providing exceptionally attractive and frequent finishes, for which Bouvet is rightly renowned.

All Bouvet decorative hardware products are manufactured in France by premier craftsmen using traditional know-how combined with the latest technology.

Bouvet only use the finest materials which are finished with care and pride to ensure your complete satisfaction now and for the years to come.

Bouvet pays particular attention to equipment that is subject to the rigors of our environment. There's nothing too good for your screen!

Bouvet breathes life and elegance into conventional decorative hardware. From the basic to the important. Pure Bouvet.

For all your Bouvet needs, we at Architectural Design Hardware are pleased to help you.



Being staunch French, Bouvet are very dedicated to creating quality fine products. However the French have only provided access to their product catalogue, voilà. Links to their catalogue are included for your convenience.

Interior Furnishings

The Bouvet collection dedicated to interior furniture brings together a selection of furniture knobs and handles in various styles, from the most contemporary to the most classic, as well as furniture entrances with antique arabesques, hinges or even mortise pins to complete its offer. Learn more here

Hinge Covers and Plug Covers

In the same way as hinges and plugs, Bros hinge covers and plug covers are available in a wide choice of models which will be differentiated by the choice of variants: size, shape of the vase, technical specifications and finishes. This choice allows us to offer you customizable decorative fittings that will adapt perfectly to your wishes. Learn more here

Bros Hinges

Bros has a range dedicated to plugs for your wooden joinery. Several models are offered to you, varying in size, shape of the vase or finishes in order to adapt to the style of your furniture or your interior. Learn more here

Universal Hinges & Hinges

Bros also offers a range of hardware for furniture. Your old furniture is entitled to the same consideration as your interior! Hinges, hinges, screw-in or mortise plugs will allow you to renovate period furniture with a wide choice of models and finishes. Inputs and buttons are also available to give a decorative or retro touch to your furniture. Learn more here

Furniture Accessories

The house offers a wide choice of furniture accessories to adapt to all the styles that your interior could have. Bros offers a wide selection of knobs and handles in various shapes and finishes. Furniture entrances and keys will add a touch of antiquity to your rooms to your wooden furniture. Learn more here

Interior Door Handles

Flagship products of the Bouvet brand, interior door handles are classic and sophisticated in style. They include, among other things, the Esprit de forge collection marked by the authentic style of the blacksmith with its raw character and clean lines, or even the bold Plant collection which merges with nature to provide the interior of the habitat with a breath of fresh air.

You will find, among these collections, a variety of handles with different possible specifications such as sets on standard plate or narrow plate, double handles, or even single handles, with raising or reduced, on rosette, on plate, or even handles. single or double door knobs. Learn more here

Collection 1884

Bouvet presents the 1884 Collection which brings together 3 ranges of handles inspired by the forge work of Bouvet craftsmen over generations. The Neoforge range recreated with finesse, the power and the permanence of the blacksmith's gesture through the nobility of brass. The Bourgeois range combines Art Deco and Haussmannian styles and invites well-being by merging materials thanks to the marriage of ceramic and stainless steel. The Essential range which concentrates the spirit of design with contemporary lines and the material of raw stainless steel. Bouvet has revitalized itself in this spirit of forging to shape itself in the design that inspires and animates architects. Learn more here


Bouvet offers a range of handles specific to security and building from armored sets with the possibility of integrating separate openings according to taste, the type of keys or locks. This range also offers complementary products for the door such as simple door knobs, pivoting or tilt-and-turn handles.

To ensure the closure of the habitat, accessories such as thumb latches, bolts and bolts are available. To complete its offer, Bouvet also offers door stops such as wall stops and floor stops, or even door knockers and letterbox entrances. Learn more here


Bros offers its range of cremone bolts with traditional manufacturing: Steel or zamak, choice of knob or handle, finish or other specificities; each product can be made almost to measure in order to adapt to all interior styles. The matching rods are available in several materials and with matching finishes. In its range of window accessories, Bros also offers simple rosettes as well as additional accessories such as striker extensions, indexing pins, shutter locks or valets. Learn more here


The range of Bros cross bars offers 2 models available in multiple finishes as well as with many options. They are delivered with a pack of accessories including 2 flat strikers or 2 screw-on strikers, 3 intermediate mouldings, 1 top hook and 1 bottom hook with their moulding, 1 central handle and its screw-on support as well as 5 3 mm risers and its hardware. Model 163 must be ordered with a 6-sided rod as well as 3 matching finishing tubes. The 164 model must simply be ordered with 3 finishing tubes. Learn more here


Bros is the hinge specialist and offers you a wide choice of models which will be differentiated by the choice of variants: size, shape of the vase, technical specifications and finishes will allow you to create custom hinges that will adapt to most types of joinery. More technical hinges are also available as hinges with angled blades or 3 blades. Learn more here


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