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Accessories by Robert Plumb

Robert Plumb is a design destination dedicated to the outdoors. Locally designed and crafted furniture, in hardwearing, robust materials combine with internationally sourced designer product to deliver a complete range of outdoor furniture, accessories and architectural hardware.

Other options include designer letterboxes, which suit heritage and contemporary homes alike with a range of mounting options from freestanding to in wall and on a post.

Robert Plumb also use great materials – copper that gains a patina, 316 marine grade stainless steel and 304 stainless steel which can be powder coated in a range of Dulux colours.

Every home needs one. Every home has one. At Architectural Design Hardware, we offer the Robert Plumb range of letter box formats and accessories for your home or office. Visit our showroom for more information.

Robert Plumb Accessories

Murray Rose Shower

The Murray Rose Shower is made of copper with the facility of hot and cold water. The large shower head provides a wide coverage area. The Murray Rose Shower can be used in a bathroom or in an outdoor wash area.

Finish: Natural copper

Height: 2200mm

Width: 400mm

Shower Head: 240mm

Murray Rose Shower with Foot tap

The Murray Rose Shower with foot tap is ideally suited to out doors but can be used in doors as well. The large shower head provides a wide area spray.

Finish: Natural copper

Height: 2200mm

Width: 400mm

Shower Head: 240mm

Mosman Outdoor Shower

The Mosman Outdoor Shower is made of brass and designed for outdoor use. Runs hot and cold water. The large shower head provides wide area spray.

Finish: Various

Height: 1030mm

Rose diameter: 200mm-250mm

Aquart Garden Shower from Seletti

The Aquart Garden Shower provides an outdoor shower with concrete base and water connection. Ideal for garden and farming situations to wash before entering the house.

Material: Concrete base with copper pipe and head

Height: 2300mm


Peggy is a peg basket and what better way to keep those pegs from escaping that this ideal container. Hangs from the washing line bracket.

Finish: Stainless steel or powder coated

Height: 340mm

Diameter (top): 200mm

Kittie Clothesline

Kittie the clothesline is a robust clothes line suitable for the outdoors property.

Finish: Stainless steel or powder coated

Bracket Height: 370mm

Bracket Width; 370mm

Bracket Depth: 370mm

Maude Outdoor Doormat

The Maude Outdoor Doormat sits in an stainless steel frame. The dirt falls through the mat and can be swept away easily.

Finish: Stainless Steel

Height: 25mm

Width: 490mm-600mm

Length: 790mm-1000mm

View more of the Robert Plumb Collection here on our website.


At Architectural Design Hardware we offer the Robert Plumb uniquely Australian collection. The Robert Plumb letter box collection is one of the best sellers available as are the accessories.

Visit our Architectural Design Hardware showroom for more details and pricing on our Robert Plumb letter box collection.

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Is the Mosman Outdoor Shower available in marine grade Stainless Steel? Regards, Amanda (Karyne Murphy Studio)

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