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At ADH we supply locks, hinges, door stops and other accessories.
We can provide a range of locks for residential and commercial to suit various backsets: 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 60, 70, 120.  We have roller and latch deadbolt mortice locks. Commercial mortice locks. Electric locks and electric strikes.  We also offer construction keying (builders key), master keying and security keying systems.


There is an array of locks available for all situations, electronic to mechanical to multipoint. Each lock needs to fit the hardware and the requirements of the doors purpose. Rather than try show you all the locks, it will be simpler to discuss your locking needs with our sales team and come up with a locking solution. Our onsite locksmith can offer technical advice on keying systems. ​We have stock of many locks suitable for commercial and residential purposes.
The security of your home, office or commercial premises is important to us. On build sites we offer a builders key and end user key system. The end user key will 'knock off' the builders key when handover is undertaken. This prevents the builder key working on any locking door and ensures security is maintained.​


There are so many more accessories for doors, it seems to be never ending. Yet someone thinks of it and some one creates it. That is the world of door hardware.​The best way to find things is to ask our sales team or you can peruse the websites of our suppliers to find what you are looking for. Each supplier offers their own unique individual door accessories on their website. If you consult our sales team they can direct you to the most suitable suppliers. 

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