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Intelligent Lock

The Intelligent Lock

The Intelligent Lock is an electronic lock with card, password, finger print and key override.

The system provides for 9 Administrators and 291 users.

The lock can be set for passage mode or locked mode.

Passage mode allows the door to be used as a passage door until locked.

Locked mode re-locks the door when closed.

Battery AAA operated. Battery life exceeds 1 year. Key overide when installed.

Free egress from the inside. Lever retracts latch and deadbolt when engaged. Lift the lever up to engage deadbolt. For security you can enter the home and deadbolt the lock by lifting the handle. Outside can not enter without password, card or finger print.

External functionality is locked, or unlocked passage mode. Lever lifted up engages deadbolt. Unlock requires use of password, card or finger print. Key override if installed.

Suitable for narrow backset locks and standard residential locks.

If the password is incorrectly entered 6 times the system will lock for 1 minute.

The password can be cloaked in additional key pad numbers as long as the password is entered correctly. e.g. PWD 1111 you can type in 12341111234 followed by the # key.

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