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The Monoflat LIN-X800 hinge

Lateral movement allows for doors to open with a minimal opening radius—optimal for using in places where space is limited. The innovative lateral hinge also allows for midsized doors to be fully opened for access to the entire interior.

View PDF online 

View PDF online

How To Install A Latch

How to install a latch.

How To Install A Tube Latch

How To Install A Euro Lock

How To Install A Rebate Lock

Magnetic Doorstop

How To Install A Mortice Lock with Privacy

How To Install A Mortice Lock

How To Install A Privacy Bolt

How To Install A Mortice Lock

FritsJurggen Pivot Hinge System

FritsJurgen Pivot Hinge System

FritsJurgen Pivot Hinge System Soft Closer

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FritsJurgen Pivot Hinge System Touch

FritsJurgen Pivot Installing

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