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Designer Doorware's collection of door handles range from contemporary to classic, and combined with their concealed fixing accessories and hardware, create door handles that sustain longevity both in design and function.
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By Designer Doorware



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Ranging from beautiful interior design options, through to hard wearing finishes, our extensive range of high quality special finishes will provide an impressive, finishing touch. These special finishes are offered in addition to the standard finishes and can be applied dependent upon the product, substrate and environment.



Not stopping at door handles, their range of cabinet door hardware is designed to provide a final complement to any interior design theme. Whether sleek, minimalist blades or timeless, modern door knobs, Designer Doorware's cabinet door handles offer the perfect finish to unify your design.



Contemporary door pull handles will give a statement to modern designs, whether a subtle edge or more obvious design feature is required. Constructed from the highest quality brass, a selection of 304 grade and marine grade 316 stainless steel or timber, Designer Doorware's door handles harmoniously blend form with and function.



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Sliding doors are becoming more popular as available space becomes more limited. The range of quality flush pulls, blades and privacy latching for commercial and residential applications includes a new, architectural quality flush pull with privacy and locking functions in one consolidated unit. Made from solid brass or stainless steel and completely modular, DD can manufacture various sizes and shapes quickly and affordably.



DD have an extensive range of door accessories so you can fully customise your door hardware and door furniture to the finest detail. From door stops, door hinges, escutcheons and snibs through to cyclinders, fixing screws, flush bolts, fastners and latches.


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