Delf offer a large range of door handles both contemporary (PDF) and restoration (PDF) and commercial (PDF). We share a few. To see all select the PDF for your design and desire.

View the Delf Black Range PDF Online

York Square Dummy Lever.jpg
Villena Privacy Lever.jpg
York Lever.jpg
Villena Dummy Lever.jpg
Villena Lever.jpg
Vedani Lever.jpg
Valencia Privacy Knob.jpg
Vedani Dummy Lever.jpg
Victoria Knob Sort Plate.jpg
Valencia Knob.jpg
Terni Privacy Lever.jpg
Terni Lever.jpg
Valencia Dummy Knob.jpg
Terifa Privacy Lever.jpg
Terifa Dummy Lever.jpg
Terni Dummy Lever.jpg
Terifa Lever.jpg
Sydney Dummy Lever.jpg
Sydney Lever.jpg
Seville Lever.jpg
Seville Privacy Lever.jpg
Reno Square Lever.jpg
Reno Lever.jpg
Seville Dummy Lever.jpg
Reno Square Dummy Lever.jpg
Prato Lever.jpg
Prato Privacy Lever.jpg
Reno Dummy Lever.jpg
Prato Dummy Lever.jpg
Porto Square Lever.jpg
Oliva Privacy Lever.jpg
Porto Lever.jpg
Oliva Lever.jpg
Oliva Dummy Lever.jpg
Metro Lever.jpg
Montreal Square Dummy Lever.jpg
Montreal Square Lever.jpg
Metro Lever Long Plate.jpg
Metro Lever Long Plate Euro.jpg
Merida Lever.jpg
Merida Privacy Lever.jpg
Madrid Privacy Lever.jpg
Malvern Lever.jpg
Madrid lever.jpg
Merida Dummy Lever.jpg
Madrid Dummy Lever.jpg
Madison Privacy Lever.jpg
Madison Rnd Entrance Lever.jpg
Madison Square Lever.jpg
Madison Lever.jpg
Luna Privacy Lever on Plate.jpg
Madison Entrance Lever.jpg
Madison Dummy Square Lever.jpg
Luna Lever on Plate.jpg
Luna Euro Lever 85.jpg
Lucca Privacy Lever.jpg
Luna Euro Lever 48.5.jpg
Lucca Lever.jpg
Lucca Dummy Lever.jpg
Liera Privacy Lever.jpg
Liera Lever.jpg
Liera Dummy Lever.jpg
Kensington Lever Short Plate.jpg
Kensington Lever.jpg
Halifax lever.jpg
Halifax Lever A.jpg
Halifax Dummy lever.jpg
Glass Knob 55.jpg
Halifax Entrance Lever.jpg
Glass Knob 25.jpg
Glass knob 35.jpg
Glass Ball Knob 55.jpg
Glass Knob 30.jpg
Estilo Privacy Lever.jpg
Glass Ball Knob 25.jpg
Glass Ball knob 35.jpg
Glass Ball Knob 30.jpg
Estilo Lever.jpg
Estilo Dummy Lever.jpg
Elba Square Lever.jpg
Elba Square Dummy Lever.jpg
Elba Lever.jpg
Elba Dummy Lever.jpg
Calais Lever.jpg
Calais Privacy Lever on Plate.jpg
Cadiz Privacy Lever.jpg
Cadiz Dummy Lever.jpg
Barcelona Privacy Lever.jpg
Cadiz Lever.jpg
Barcelona Lever.jpg
Avila Privacy Lever.jpg
Barcelona Dummy Lever.jpg
Avila Dummy Lever.jpg
Avila Lever.jpg
ALEDO Privacy Lever.jpg
Aledo Entance Lever.jpg
ALEDO Lever.jpg
ALEDO Dummy Lever.jpg


The interior of your home is your sanctuary – your space. It is where you go to relax, unwind and get away – or entertain and share precious moments with family and friends.

Your office – a place where you need precision and order or inspiration for creativity.

Like all of Delf’s products, our Interior Door hardware is built on years of research to suit a wide variety of applications, express your individuality or simply be functional and efficient.

From clean-cut, Contemporary pull handles and levers to simple or intricate knobs, Delf caters for every Interior Door requirement.

Our cavity sliders for internal sliding and patio doors effortlessly bring the outside in, while privacy locks for bathrooms and bedrooms extend the use of our range of locks and security options into interior areas.

Delf’s Interior Door furniture helps you craft the look and usability of your doors right through to their finishing touches. Whether your style is open plan and modern with minimal doors, or more Traditional with doors as a regular feature, our comprehensive range of finishes offers options to suit both your interior design and practical considerations.


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