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  • Here you will find Bouvet's key ranges-Hammered Iron, Hematites, Porcelain, Forge Spirit, Foliage and Authentics-each opening a door to a world of beautifully formed contours, curves and twists.

    Here we have the Deco Bussy Door Handle.

    Pure outlines and pristine colours. The flawless simplicity of porcelain


    Case-hardened patinated iron

    Iron rust effect

    Antique iron

    Porcelain: white,ivory, Victorian, cobalt blue 

    NOTE: Back plates and Rose plates are to be selected. Please advise sales staff upon purchase.

    Art Deco (Deco) was synonymous with both elegance and modernity; it incorporated expensive materials and sophisticated craftsmanship with modernist shapes. Nothing about Art Deco was cheap.

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