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  • Here you will find Bouvet's key ranges-Hammered Iron, Hematites, Porcelain, Forge Spirit, Foliage and Authentics-each opening a door to a world of beautifully formed contours, curves and twists.

    Here we have the Deco Hematites Door Handle 910.

    Graced by elegant coils, slender loops and subtle tendrils, the Deco Hematites are the height of refinement.


    Patinated Brass

      Antique Brass

      Polishe Brass 

      Iron Rust Effect  

      Case-hardened black iron 

      Case-hardened patinated iron 

      Antique iron 

      NOTE: Back plates and Rose plates are to be selected. Please advise sales staff upon purchase.


    Art Deco (Deco) was synonymous with both elegance and modernity; it incorporated expensive materials and sophisticated craftsmanship with modernist shapes. Nothing about Art Deco was cheap.

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