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  • The T-Lock Pro sliding glass door lock from GFS of Italy is revolutionary in design & only 20mm thick. Incorporating a self-guiding magnetic lock at its core, it is sleek, stylish and quiet vs. other glass door locks.

    Made out of 304 Stainless Steel and 100% made in Italy; they have been designed so the glass door can fully recess into a pocket to provide maximum opening space.

    Self-Regulating Locking System If the glass door moves or wobbles whilst engaging into the closed position, the magnetic self-engaging lock caters for the misalignment.

    There is no need for multiple closing attempts.

    Quick Release Anti-Panic Opening System Based on its design, the T-Lock Pro has a cut out in its steel face in the shape of a flush pull. By using the flush pull you are able to open and close the door.

    What’s unique about the flush pulls are their ability to move independently of the glass. Once the door is closed, it’s locked... with a micro movement of the flush pull on either side the door automatically unlocks.

    Glass on Timber or Glass on Glass The T-Lock Pro can be used for glass sliding doors closing onto timber jambs or by using the Glass Striker Kit, glass sliding door onto glass.

    Lockable from Both Sides Based on your operational requirements there are 2 versions of the T-Lock Pro:

    1. Privacy - Slide the door closed and press the inside button; the door locks from the outside. Using the micro movement function on the inside; the door unlocks and opens. An external emergency release is built into the system.

    2. Key Lock Set - Sliding the door closed, then using the key on the outside locks the door from the outside. From the inside, just push the button for door release or use the key on the outside to unlock

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