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  • RIBBON by Bob Manders

    The buildings of architect Bob Manders are typified by the palpability of the materials, the changeability of spaces, the sight lines, the massive storage space, and the well-thought-out functionality.

    The character and mood are warm, individual, and nonconformist. Manders is always looking further than where the gaze would normally rest: his minimalist living environments are anything but bare – they feel amazingly lavish because one is made to focus on radically different elements than where instinct says the focus should go.

    A building seems quite simple, until you realise that where you expected to see a column, there is nothing. A room appears empty until a wall is rotated to reveal an enormous bookcase.

    For FORMANI® Bob Manders designed door fittings, called ‘RIBBON’. A total concept of door-, window- and furniture hardware that is characterized by the way the brushed stainless steel seems to wrap itself around the hand as if it were a folded ribbon. The door handles of the line lack a rosette and seem to flatter themselves directly against the door

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