We can supply the miscellaneous hardware required for your door furniture. From hinges to locks and everything either side. Hinges, latches, cylinders, locks, escutcheons, door stops, door closers and many, many other components that can be fitted to your door.  


Justor spring hinges, bonco spring hinges, concealed hinges, piano hinges, hirline hinges, butt hinges, bearing hinges, antique hinges, ebonol hinges, brass hinges, parliament hinges, black hinges, antique copper hinges, antique brass hinges, zinc hinges, 316g hinges, stainless steel hinges, fisxed pin hinges, loose pin hinges, broad butt hinges, small hinges large hinges... 

Door Stops, halfmoon door stops, bullet door stops, hook door stops, magnetic door stops, square door stops, rectangular door stops, cylindrical door stops,...

Letter box, mail box, paper holder, Robert Plumb letter box, Ned Kelly Intigrated letter box, Mrs Kelly Integrated letter box, Galaxy letter box, stand alone letter box, free standing letter box, apartment letter box,...

Doo knockers, door bells, door jewlery, door pulls, door letter plates, door eye view, door escutcheons, door judas,...

Robe hooks, magnetic catches, roller bolts, ships bells, letterbox numbers, letterbox alpha, switches, switch covers, window casement stays, window pulls, window winders,...


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