Enhance Handles, Pull Handles, adorn the entrance to your home or office, and lead you into the inviting warmth, comfort, and safety that is awaiting you behind those awesome doors.

Once upon a time two large sword wielding giants would stand at your gates protecting you and allowing only those through the gates that you accept into your home. Now days, the humble yet provocative entrance handles replace the sword wielding giants, and a door bell summons you to the call.

A fine set of pull handles indentifies your choices in life and emphasises your lifestyle. A display that presents its self when approaching the awaiting entrance doors. A feature of identity, of strength, of grandeur.  Our fine selection of European, Australasian and Japanese Entrance Handles and Pull Handles are suitable for use on timber doors, aluminium doors and glass doors; you will find them on hinged doors, pivot doors, sliding doors.

Adorning theatre rooms and boardrooms, entrance handles display as a statement of authority and safety. We see entrance handles on palaces, law courts, grandiose buildings, public buildings, office and homes.

The variety and choice of entrance handles and pull handles is immense and can be overwhelming.  At ADH we extend our expereince and warmth to help you choose how you wish your home or office to be displayed in splendour and impressiveness, yet warm and friendly. 

We supply Valli & Valli (ASSA ABBLOY) Entrance Handles, Mandelli Entrance Pull Handles, Martinelli Entrance Pull Handles, Zanda Entrance Pull Handles, Madinoz Entrance Pull Handles, Force Entrance Pull Handles, Doric Entrance Pull Handles, Kaba Entrance Pull Handles, Barben Entrance Pull Handles, Nidus Entrance Pull Handles, Bellevue Entrance Pull Handles,Olivari Entrance Pull Handles, Pitella Entrance Pull Handles, Tradco Entrance Pull Handles, Delf Entrance Pull Handles, Turnstyle Entrance Pull Handles, Formani Entrance Pull Handles, to name but a few...

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