The humble door knob, door handle, door lever are all terms used to describe the mechanism which allows us to open a door. Down through the ages door knobs, door levers and door handles have evolved into what we know and use every opening and closing of our day at home, office, boardroom, apartment, even boats and cars.

Every language has a word for door handle: turschnall, deurklink, men bashou, dvernaya ruchka, maqbid albab, tay nam cua. These are but a few terms used to describe the humble door handle, door knob, door lever. Words which without would leave us behind closed doors!

The choice of door handle door knob or door lever are many. Here at Architectural Design Hardware we have a unique range of door handles door knobs door levers from world recognised companies like Valli & Valli, Mandelli, Pittela, Olivari, Martinelli, Manital, Parisi, Bouvet, Turnstyle, to more local brands like Designer Doorware, Austyle, Delf, Tradco, Nidus, Kaba, Dorma, Madinoz, Zanda, to name but a few.  

Door knobs, door levers, and door handles are an extremely influential aspect of the home, and at Architectural Design Hardware we like to think we can offer you something outstanding, functional, and uniquely individual for your desires and decor.

We offer all styles, from modern to the more traditional, classical look. Door handles door levers door knobs have a huge impact on the character of your home, and will have a lasting effect. To choose the perfect door handles, door levers and door knobs for your home, our experienced consultants can offer advice to help you decide on the most appropriate choices and finishes.

If you have any questions or would like some help in deciding on the most appealing door handles door levers door knobs for your home, office or abode then please contact us today. We will even prepare a door schedule if you provide us with the plans.


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